Ksh 50m imekunywa maji - hasara tupu



hi nairobi kama unaishi multi storey building your death will happen when the next earthquake hits…

Haiti would be child’s play.

Ata salvage chuma ata kama ziko substandard

Nairobi has a low risk for earthquakes

These buildings fail because the owner does not engage professionals during construction phase.Uses fundis only so he can control material usage.

Hakuna professionals Nairobi…wengi wao ni wakora na wezi

The likes of mason @Randy , fundi bwege

Sasa alipe loan na hakuna pesa inaingia. Very fitting payback for cutting corners.

Kenya lies in the middle of East African Rift (which runs through the west of Kenya) and the Davie fracture (just south of the Mombasa), meaning that Kenya inaeza tandikwa na earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and/or tsunamis any time.

Back in 1928 a 6.9 earthquake hit Subukia an aftershock of 6.0 which occurred 4 days later and before that Turkana region had a 6.0 in 1913.
Haiti earthquake was 7.0…just for refference

Huyu ako agakhan akitibiwa pressure na sukari

kusema ukweli hiyo building inakaa ilikuwa imesimamia matchsticks. how do people expect the tonnes and tonnes of material brought in everyday to stand on tiny matchstick columns?

Imagine kama unakula lanye wa short time hapo. Utakufa na erect penis

how do you employ quacks to build a 9 storey 50 million building . wacheni shortcuts hata weka two storeys zenye uko sure

Fundi bwege ni babako.

Kujua Quack hii kenya ni ngumu sana. Look at persons like @Sambamba or @Randy for example… conmen in their own right. You only realize that you were dealing with a conman when the building collapses.


Kwa hii story yako hakuna mahali nimeskia Nairobi.


How can we be sure you are not a conman yourself?