Ksh 23 million jackpot winner hires a bodyguard...This guy is sampling all the women in town

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Ata mimi kama ni yeye i would waste it on yellow hoes like this one nikisota najua i dipped my stick in some of South Africa’s finest


Compensation decompesation theory.

Na sura ndimu hivyo, nigga hangepata any bila pesa. Acha ajibambe. Kesi baadaye


Kweli. This ugly af mofo should ensure he always has money ama kitaumana.


This guy has always lived in the misery of being rejected by women due to his ugly looks but now that he has the cash, he has decided to go on a revenge mission.

:joy::joy: huyo Ni @nyundo_wa_komeo aka @MikeOcksmal

Nikiwa na jackpot nakula lanye wote calabash mkia

there goes a fool and his money…

Soon we will be watching video of him back in the streeets poor and homeless

Asking us to help him out of poverty