Ksh 1 trending on twirra - asla amefanya kasi buana




This guy is a total liability. But anyway, I gave up on this leadership already. Unless they start making aggressive moves hakuna kule tunaelekea

The sad thing is that, people out there are waiting for miracles to happen.

Taking from one hand and giving to the other. Gov’t reducing the price of fuel on the Fiscal side to appease the simple Bonobo minds, while taking it from the Monetary policy side by increasing the Bank’s interest rates. JSKS anafanya kazi buana.

Mimi nilisema hapa mara mia.

Negro is yet to be human

:D:D:D:D:D:D talkers have taken over twitter

kwani hujui ktalk na twitter ni same, ango unaniangusha

As long as the lion of Sugoi will rule for 30 good years, the rest of you mneza tafuta msogoro mjifire nayo.

Reducing fuel prices, I hope it’s not the one shilling reduction that you are talking about!


Some practical advise for these fools …

Kenya has vast refining and distribution potential for Fuels in the entire East and Central African Region …

Cheap Crude from South Sudan can be economically piped to the Changamwe Refinery…
The proceeds and job opportunities would be enormous …

But these fools , thieves and hustlers currently in office probably cannot see that potential …

Shenzi Kabisa …