Have a problem filing my kra returns,since back in 2008. When i was registering for my kra pin number for i applying Helb,i mistook and ticked vat rental income box. So whenever i try to file my returns am asked to file my rental income which i don’t have or own. Can somebody please direct me where i can go and get assisted on this considering i have three more days to go before deadline.

1st choice is yr KRA station or Times tower 14th floor, other option is Sameer business park mom rd that is if u r in Nairobi

Hizo obligations huwa wanatoa. Those mistakes happen esp those applying pin for say land,kplc or water sake. They tick anything just pin itokelezee. You go and apply for their removal.

look out for your domestic taxes region under which you registered. You will need to write a letter to the commissioner indicating the error, take it to the office for filling and if you are lucky enough that will be corrected. Also do a letter requesting “forgiveness” of all those accrued interestes/penalties as a result of not paying the same tax

Wewe!! Unaandikaga barua kwanza sijui kwa domestic taxes commissioner…have it received and maybe have a copy. Wasumbue pia kwa email. Hiyo ya forgiveness kwanza unaacha.

kitu kaa hiyo. i had almost similar case and i needed compliance ndio nipate licence fulani. i had to camp there for a whole day to get it corrected

Me too. My wife alikuwa amejaza an obligation that needs filing after every month. Ameenda kuchukua compliance anaambiwa sijui fines/penalties za upuus. Nillingia huko in full combat. Nikajua many people make mistakes when applying for pin but its corrected.

mine bado inasema niko na arrers za vat penalties, whereas then wali approve compliance. nataka kurudi huko na APC wacha hio full commando yako.:D:D

Hizo options umepewa hapo juu tumia. Penalty za failing to file personal returns huwa how much?

1000 per month

mi ufala ya date of birth consistence ndio mob:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Ukifile mwisho wa mwaka ina scrap izo zingine ama zinabaki?

Visit KRA office near you. But you need to write a letter to them explaining what is the problem and then you attach your pin certificate. You also ought to attach any letter that can show you are not earning. Therefore if you are still a student you can attach your letter of admission.

You’ll write 2 letters to the station manager of the station you registered your pin in. Just proof that this was done erroneously during application. You don’t have to provide bank details as such. Mine was removed just a month ago. Though it was VAT, the process is just the same

kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea,wananidai over half a million na sisumbui

Dial *572# and follow options to get your station. Then go to your station manager and it is done on spot.

Mtaacha kwenda kwa cyber kufanyiwa mambo ya tax. N there is nothing like VAT Rental Income. Its either VAT or Rental Income. You deal with your tax station kwa mambo kama ii. Ukitumwa kwingine ujue wanataka uchoke kidogo:D:D:D:D

Thank guys,have been to the 14th floor and have been told to attach a supporting document showing that am only employed but not doing business or earning with other means,i want to go back there at 2p.m when they are finished with their lunch. I hope it will be sorted out immediately cause have heard the guy at 14th floor saying bringing the papers and check tomorrow if the issue is rectified.


Ahsante daktari, duly noted.