KRA summons.

Morning good people.
When you get summons to visit KRA offices over unpaid taxes, what should I expect or should I tag a lawyer along with me?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Go to Canada. It’s the safest option.

Don’t go the government will ass ferk you

Sigwes kanyaga. Ushuru nalipa 3020 na siumbui. After all those ferkers will request you to make probably part of it which will end up in their pockets.

Just go and yes it’s advisable to have a lawyer tag along. Ubaya ni kujaribu kuruka. Let them take you through. Jitetee and if things are elephant agree on a payment plan. They are very flexible. Make it very clear you are willing to pay but ability inasumbua hence payment plan. Once again usijaribu ama ata kufikiria kuruka.

Assuming I ignore the summons, what are the chances of them tracking me down?
Am not in any employment or fixed business.

A few pointers here can we see a copy of the summons? Is it for business taxes or personal?

If its for business delay the visit. Reply the letter and acknowledge that you shall oblige. Talk to an Auditor with experience in taxations.

Don’t panic and rush huko take your time and get organized.

Unpaid taxes of what nature? Your lawyer will go to tax consultant


They didn’t specify, it was a brief phone call.

Can you post the number that called you here?

Tell them to do a letter. You can inbox me if you are in Nbo kitunguu kinukie kwangu pia.:slight_smile:

Who ever called, call him back today evening and have a cup of coffee at an upmarket restaurant. All will fall into place

Oh that was timely.

:D:D:D:D hapa ktalk tunajibamba na kutfata kitunguu pia. One stop shop.

It’s a landline but sorry, can’t do that.

Am asking for advice, not looking to be exploited.

Ulinunua nini kubwa

Am offering my expertise, not exploiting. I said up there, tell them to do you a letter detailing the claims. From there, it becomes easy to move forward.