KRA Speaks

kra wakuwe serious wanaachia retailers waremit the vat on 20th, hapo hio vat itamezwa na retailer. they should find a way to get the vat at the point of the fuel marketer

kumbe kilipandishwa kitambo, they should change their slogan, we are not succeeding together.

I fucking give up on this country.
My wife and I pay 100k income tax.
On top of that, I pay tax for everything I consume. 16% tax on all households items I buy
50% tax on the beer I drink
70% tax on fuel for both cars.

In short, I probably pay upwards of 150k to GOK in taxes every fucking month.

Mimi nitahama niende Rwanda. This shit is too much. Fuck this shithole country

This change will definitely drive some people out of business and the net effect will be less taxes collected by government!

TANO FRESH!!! KUMIRA KUMIRA!!! Let pay more tax so that they can GET more to steal and of course if we need more funds for development we can always borrow no worries about that our great great grandchildren will deal with the debt

Kumi tena. Rubber stamp in 2022.

In a distant past I used to look at the amount that nanyolewa na P.A.Y.E nasema si hii pesa ningefanyia kitu ya maana aki, till i got bored of kuandikwa kazi. Still, you cannot evade the taxman juu ya VAT and such.
Kuleni ujeuri wenu team kuumira kuumira.

That second paragraph is straight up bullshit… Makes no sense whatsoever. Finance this, finance that blah blah blah blah.(that’s the ‘law’)
Paragraph three… KRA has “advised” blah blah blah
Paragraph four… KRA has “instituted measures” blah blah blah. And we have our bouncers to “support” in "complying with the law(finance act bullshit made up by mps who can be bought for as low as 30k)

Words create spooks that hypnotise our minds. People REACT to “government” words in a similar way to “Bible” words. Willingnly / slavishly engage in ACTION that is counterproductive to their self-interest.
The reality is today alot of people will take their money to God.( 10%Tithes, gifts, thanksgivings, offerings, your favourite politician will be there too to give his/her “blessings from God” )- the government always wants a piece of this action. And they will not stop. They will create more and more words to fuck you even more.

In the words of the the famous Warrior Poet “Iron” Mike Tyson, KRA says - I’ll fuck you till you love me, faggot.

Uhuru will sign the bill and immediately become our savior

hakuna haja ya kulia watu. mnachaguanga hawa watu na psyche hiyo hiyo.

Napenda sana