KRA Safcon Paybill Charge

Fellow birrionares and peasants at large,so i decided to pay the taxman his VAT dues but out of my usual routine since nitakuwa busy hadi weekendvand not find time to go banking opted for mpesa… Now, i just realised these bastards are charging 120 for the KRA paybill transaction. Makes me wonder whats the diffrence between paying for dstv via paybil and paying KRA that would warrant such high charges for paying a bill… Uwizi tu kila sehemu hii nchi.

Umesema wewe ni birrionea 120 bob ni pesa kidogo sana kwa self declared birrionare. Ama your just fantasizing hapa

If you are a mbillionaire,then you must have come across something called Cost of doing business… Oh,you the kabura type mbirionea? Haisiru

Wewe kuwa relevant, u shed some light on those charges… How come i pay dstv bill at 30smthin shillings, na KRA NI 120/=…

You mean the above reply (my apologies to @Whisky Jimmy) is more relevant than what I posted…ngai.

Hiyo thate bob unalipa dsthieves in ya bouquet gani? Compact? Something like two K?

Na VAT ulokuwa unalipa ni pesa ngapi?

Do you…ama wacha tu.

Charges za safcon paybill mzee… Tuliza kende.

The difference between the rich and the poor is that the poor have no problem paying 120 where they could have paid 30

Boss… Charges depend on amounts transmitted… And the agreements between the entities.

KRA isn’t a profit making business with overheads that budgets for collection of dues. Anything that involves costs need to be borne by someone.

For a business like DSTV, you need an incentive to pay them that won’t cost them much. So do they hire someone to call you and remind you to pay or collect your payment and pay safcom their charges on your behalf?n

Wewe unaumwa na 120bob Mimi Ile 50bob convenient fee ya ecitizen ndio bado kuna mpesa paybill charges. I know money paid to paybill goes directly to bank account lkn sasa hii 50bob saitan ni ya nini