How do I know if I have any penalties. I havent filed returns since 2014 but I was a student by then.

Register in itax…utapata mademand notice via email…alternatively check the ledger from date of ipage update…alternatively request for compliance cert via itax

vile umeambiwa hapo juu. The easiest approach is to request for a TCC via itax and they will give you reasons for rejection. Also you can go ahead and file nil returns from 2014 in itax and the system will automatically send out defaulter notices via email. Then you can request for a waiver of the same still within the system and visit your station for prompt resolution. Usisahau kubeba evidence of being a student during the period in question.

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Tafuta mtu huko ndani akusaidie kuibia serikali. From 2015 filing on itax was mandatory.

Wrong approach. Utakamuliwa. Once a debit has been created, kuitoa sii rahisi vile mnafikiria

What should be the right approach mkubwa?

Tafuta mtu huko ndani aangalie status then akufanyie return kienyeji ulipe 1k for the years not filed. Otherwise hesabu 20k for every year na waiver is not guaranteed.