Kra on keroche

They have refused to give Keroche Breweries which is a local investment by a Kenyan investor, a grace period to pay the extortive punitive tax.
They’ve now shut down the Brewery and hundreds of jobs hang in the balance.

We know a foreign CARLSBERG Brewery is opening in Naivasha soon and we know that the kimendero family owns huge shares in it via proxies and similar secret arrangements.
We also know that the Kimendero family have unsuccessfully tried in the past to armtwist and cajole the Keroche owners for a stake in their brewery business.
We know that these unwarranted harassments are meant to get Keroche out of business and create room for their foreign Carlsberg Brewery to enter the Kenyan market.
Now, where will the unpaid tax be sourced and generated from after closing Keroche Brewery?
Wouldn’t it have been prudent for KRA to allow Keroche to continue operating, so that they can generate revenue to settle the pending tax arrears?
Why is KRA keen on killing and murdering local businesses and local investors INSTEAD of supporting, promoting and encouraging them?
Isn’t this a case of killing the goose that’s laying the eggs?
Why should KRA allow itself to be used by the executive for political expediency and harassments just like the DCI & EACC?

Anyway, 5 months to #UhuruExit
Then, we undo all these evilness and greediness by these dynasty families and fix our country.

Murdering local business…don’t be dramatic

Eben Ruto will come in and do the same. He will look around and seek to acquire chairs in all the big poultry businesses, animal feeds and horticulture. He will want shares in mining concerns, Kenys airways and major hotel chains

Don’t be surprised if finance secretary Michungwa Ngegi goes for Equity using KRA after they refuse to have Hustler as the main shareholder

Politicians in Kenya are something else

N hii calsberg inafungua lini


KRA should not be lenient to entreprenuers who allow their businesses as a conduit for Kimwarer money laundering.
In as much she is a good businesswoman,Tabitha is a hypocrite,she should tell Kenyan why KRA is on her case

Kenyans of goodwill should boycott those Carlsberg group products.

Nimewacha foreign alcoholic beverages sasa, I’ll start consuming our naturally prepared, traditional brew for the rest of my life.

Mnazi wine
Muratina wine
Mkoma wine
Busaa cream
Kaluvu wine
Pineapple wine
Banana wine
Purely distilled Changaa gin among others.

Na bonobo za Naivasha zinafanya nini? By now they should have protested and blocked the Nairobi Nakuru highway, hiyo kesi ingekuwa imetatuliwa. Hii kujifanya “civilized/diplomatic” huwa haisaidii. If the government can bail out useless loss making outfits such as Panpaper to the tune of billions, they can sort this Keroche issue once and for all.

watu walipe tax muache ujinga

I totally agree with you, people should not hide behind the mask of ‘tormented local entrepreneurs’ to avoid paying taxes