I have just seen an email from KRA Corporate taxes something something ati wananidai 2.6M. Went quickly on twitter and got hata Linda oguttu was summoned 2 days ago over 2M claim.

Is KRA fishing or what
Nilenge ama?

I have no business and only file PAYE

enda ujue ni bangi gani wanavuta

Sa si wataanza kunichimba and might actually find something, ama?

Will they find more than the 2.6m claim??

Might find something

Mimi ni MTU ya nil. Ten years in a row.

Wewe ukona na kitu unaficha,your time is up.

Si mnajiita mabillionare?

They only fish in rich waters! You have taxes you need to pay. Wewe mwenyewe ndiye utatambua what you owe them. They play a reverse psychology game, they ask for an astronomical figure then you will be required to provide evidence that the figure is incorrect. The evidence is your waterloo.

You have been warned!

Enda ujue ni bangi gani unavuta

Kama wewe si mtu wa tender with county or national garment, then kaa ngumu. Watakupeleka wapi? Hakuna!

You see once YOU provide evidence, hakuna kukaa ngumu. Otherwise wanaanza legal process if the amounts are big >1M

Boy boy Riggy G amesema hakuna kampuni kufungwo, also means hakuna kuweka agency notice kwa accounts… So if KRA hawawezi funga kampuni, or put agency notice what’s the worst they can do? Take you to court?

They can always correlate your filings with rent paid. Think they are also asking for tenant info with the landlord thing .

Mimi haishi Kwa tent down town.

Yesterday I almost fainted. Was jerked up by a helluva message from a supposed KRA Head of Operation, South Nyanza branch. The figure this manager quoted karibu inifanye ninyambe. Thought ni wale wa unitumie kwa hii number, but upon further inquiry it was legit. I immediately emailed the corporate manager whose email address was provided hapo chini and was impressed that she replied after 20mins or so. She gave a much much smaller figure and an offer for me to negotiate how I’ll settle the tax liability. Imebidi ni RTGS iniondokee. The interest was accruing like crazy. Kuna mtu alinipeana

most times ukideal na mtu ana withhold tax , hapo dio noma hutokea , juu yeye ana lipa wewe ana kuacha exposed.

Ilikuwa witholding tax?

Now what you are saying is HOT AIR! My observation is that this regime will be the harshest of all!

Hakuna mtu alikupeana! I have posted in several threads on KRA issues… They are mining third party data like crazy! I am sure that they will amend the laws to now officially mine ALL M-PESA data, raw! They have been using Withholding VAT, withholding income tax, importation documents, KPLCS Data, etc to correlate the KRA PIN used with the taxes paid and determine if indeed you paid the expected taxes…