My clearing and forwarding agent is sending me this message upon inquiry on the position of my consignment at JKIA cargo port:


You are hereby notified that w.e.f 1st December 2015 presentation of the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) shall be mandatory for Customs clearance of imported goods into Kenya. Accordingly entries without CoC will not be processed by DPC unless there is specific exemption by KEBS. Importers/Agents are urged to ensure full compliance.

Commissioner of Customs & Border Control

Now, I have a pallet that landed yesterday evening on board a KLM flight containing assorted office supplies from the UK- for one of my local clients. This niggas are telling me that the goods cannot be cleared from customs unless I get them that certificate from KEBS- something I know no shiet about!!

Can someone in the industry or anyone well conversant to such manenos kindly explain to me what this is all about???

Hapo umetiwa shoti mzito.


@Dunya saidia mtu hapa

Now, this is waht he’s sending me, i feel like pulling my hair out coz I dont understand how this is related to my cargo:


As earlier communicated that we shall take up this matter with other Stakeholders, we are glad to inform you that KEBS has issued a communication that the following products/imports shall be cleared at the point of entry without a demand for Certificates of Conformity (CoC):

Ø Imports regulated by other agencies like KEPHIS, Pharmacy & Poisons Board.

Ø Raw materials to be used for production of finished products.

Ø Specialized spare parts for registered manufacturers.

Ø Urgently needed imports imported through Courier Systems.

Ø CKD for motor vehicles.

Ø New vehicles.

Ø Diplomatic goods.

Ø Personal effects.


In reference to our Wednesday’s email that we had a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary National Treasury, we would like to report to you that the matter was taken into account and after considerations and deliberations with the relevant parties, the Notice was reversed, but we are waiting for the official communication (Gazette Notice) early next.

Someone is politely asking you to part with monies. Smell the coffee!!!

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Sina habari. @incognitus saidia


@spax, they have refused kabisa, kabisaaaaa…

New Kenya,
hakuna huruma, tunakamuliwa bila lube

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hapo utakamuliwa dry fry baba.
The directive is there but should not apply to goods that were already booked before. even the goods that are currently kwa high sea will not be affected.
next time patia mimi kazi


Your agent is just taking advantage of the directive

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The directive on the Coc is to be applicable by January first,product ile umeimport ni nini kwa sababu kuna directives kutoka kebs za labelling of goods with specific stickers zime kuwa ni mandatory kutoka Juzi

Kpa nomination na mzigo inapitia jkia si applicable kwa situation yako

coc ni kutoka 1st dec boss for all imports

it’s applicable.jkia, port, borders are just point of entry for imports and…contrabands

"incognitus,"it’s only through sea cargo more so containers,cars,bulk goods which are nominated in the cfs at Mombasa ,jkia it’s the only monopoly station for air goods with no cfs,so in no way a person can nominate his air cargo

"incognitus,"sorry it’s first.dec,but in ur case the goods as u have stated are already here,this will help u clear ur cargo but if u hand’t shipped the cargo before the first dec u will not be exempted.but importers wanaweza shikana na seek to be given a period of time as they adjust to the new rule by pleading with gava more so Kebs ndio waweza kujipanga,that’s an alternative way for the others who will be in the not stipulated period,keyword no plead with gava for more time

sijui kama tunaelewana but let me try to explain kidogo.
The cfs version of air cargo are cargo centers and they are several at jkia eg swisport, transglobal,african cargo, signon etc and you can easily choose where your goods will land depending on the airline you choose.
Also not all containers are cleared at cfs, you can decide to clear them at icd (inland container depot)which is owned by kpa na iko tu hapa Nairobi.
During kibaki era you could easily nominate a cfs but now it’s a bit difficult and in very near future it will not be possible.

mizigo si yangu na story ya kuplead na gava sahau. labda mizigo ya mtu kama waiguru ama cris kirubi ikwame ndio importers watasaidika