KRA having record collections during a pandemic. Je, huu ni ungwana?

How is KRA having booming collections during a pandemic? Ama ni kufinya existing taxpayers hadi kwa bone marrow?

My take is that the purge that took place among its staff is bearing fruits.
Thank God the courts did not rescind the action

Mambwa they should add the legislature to the tax dragnet.

as a country we are being taxed to death…

Sasa wewe mbona unashangilia KRA? Do you see the benefits of their collections in this shithole country?

And waongeze arrooorrr hapo kwa dragnet and go through his taxes since one cant be donating 10m each week and yet he earns 1m per month.

You sound like a broken record.

Im not a Ruto supporter. Mimi sio mjinga Kama wewe. I support good policy and leadership.

They lowered the targets… Nothing of record breaking bs

Unasema ati centum wanapika vitabu…KRA wanapika a whole school