KRA commissioner general resigns

The fall-out between Mlevi & Mwizi after the 2017 election might hold the key to some of the intrigues. What happened between the two?

It was so acrimonious that Mlevi was really against Mwizi succeeding him. What hap-poned? :smiley:

you know the guy too well!

Some of those fellows are actually not even given a chance to resign, someone else resigns on their behalf… and there is nothing you can do! You only see “your resignation” on media like everyone else! if he was resigning, trust me he would have done it a long time ago after WSR was sworn in!

He has been sacked. He himself has not issued any statement

Wataenda kwa riggy g kukula mushere na waru na nyama

Lakini si nliona watu wa mlima Kenya wakisema hizo position haziwasaidii na kitu,

The most critical one is the one in charge of Human Resources… now it has been taken over by Kaleos…

Connect mimi na HR wa KRA nione kama nitaangukia kazi ata kama ni data entry

I am not a Kale… And my only relationship with them is when they keep summoning me to go to their offices with bank statements, invoices, receipts, etc!

Do you really know these government mandarins ama unaskia Tu. Haswa hawa WA KRA utapata jamaa is sitting on a portfolio ya real estate worth billions. I knew ole kirgotti coz I studied with the son… dude was a billionaire bana yet he was just a commissioner of domestic taxes

Dude. Those were the days that some would call good old days.
A Kìgoti proxy would approach a muhindi and demand 20million in exchange of 100m tax waiver.
Hao waligula Gugula.
Majority of them own flats in Zimmer, Dolnholm, Umoja innercore, tena and pipeline estates.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D kathonzweni

Riggy G alianza siasa last year, JSKS alianza 1992 siku KTN ikiitwanga channel 62. By this time next year, the difference will be clear… bookmark this post.

Only in bonobo shit hole country that a man of integrity will be said to be regretting for being upright and not partaking in Corruption. Kwani tulikosea nani?

Why are you disparaging nation builders. Takataka.
And where are my rights to edit my name and everything else?


Lol, with billions in assets he can and will learn how to live comfortably