KRA commissioner general resigns

Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner General Githii Mburu has resigned.

According to a statement by the Authority’s board, Mburu resigned to “pursue personal interests’.

Githii Mburu assumed the role at the Authority in July 2019 following the retirement of John Njiraini at the end of June.

He was previously KRA’s chief of intelligence where he developed a formidable intelligence-gathering infrastructure to trap tax evaders.

high profile tax evasion attempts have been blown up with severe consequences for those involved.
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He clearly has been given two choices… He chose to resign. The takeover is still loading.

Replacement Kale loading. :smiley:


Noma. Someone with a Kip surname is awaiting to be given the office.

What you are never told, people never ever resign from influential positions


His days were numbered simply because the current chairman of KRA was once in his bad books.
He was also very arrogant and behaved ike he was invincible.
I never liked him.
Sadly since this guy knows nothing else rather than working for KRA he will have a very difficult time fitting in the Jua Kali sector.

Ashakafunga mkurungenzi

I highly doubt.
This guy was only eating his salo.
Hongo hangechukua…
He is probably regretting as we speak.
As Duale said once: Hii kenya sio ya mamako

Yes, the president will praise him for his performance but one month down the line when doing an interview he will say “Remember when I fired that Mburu guy…”

Nope. This is a man who can comfortably sit out the rat race for his remaining years on earth. He was well set even before he joined KRA.

This is cope …

Hakuna mtu ataumia kwa hii sirkal kama wasee wa mlima Kenya na sisemi kwa ubaya. Mjikumbushe maisha ya KANU error vile fiashara ilikuwa but this time hakuna kina Matiba and the likes.

@Riggy G son of Mau Mau ako gangari

your statement just shows you are not a man of integrity. Mburu as a man of integrity and a top achiever will be employed as a CEO in any top company in the world . so endelea kuota ati atakuja hapo kwa base ya keg mumuchekelee .

I like. :D:D:D:D

Yeye ako sawa kabisa .

In WSR I trust

The truth is that this top guy was one of the dumbest fellows in that place… He has been so rigid and used totally theoretical models to project and demand taxes from us that we have ended up closing some of our startup companies: case in point - filing NIL for more than 3 months meant that they close the VAT obligation automatically and you are forced to go to your tax station with bank statements, invoices, web site addresses, physical addresses, County business permits, etc for it to be reviewed and reopened… Though this might continue to be the case, he was the fellow who started that madness…