KRA and Religious Organizations

I’ve never seen an Imam in a mosque passing the collection basket so I’ll assume this applies only to churches.

KRA has been sumbua from day 1.Idiots. Every Sunday, WSR and his crew go around laundering stolen public funds in churches. They get kickbacks and money comes out clean as @pamba.

In most functioning states, donated money results in a tax receipt to the donor. That way all money is recorded and above board because you know the source of funds and furthermore the donor gets a tax break for their philanthropy.

I think I’ve only seen one church, Nairobi Chapel, that shares their audited books with their congregation however, not with the taxman.

Would it be that hard for churches to file audited books with KRA every year so that there’s some accountability? This will help KRA follow the crumbs and stop finyain us like rats.

Today I could set a briefcase church, call it KTalk Ministries International and put all real estate, land, shares, matatus and lorries under it and they would all be doing the work of the lord. All tax free.

bwana asifiwe.

Can I hear a big AiiiiiMEN!

The church won’t allow it…most of the clergy have embezzled contributions and donations to the church.That means the congregation will start losing confidence in them and they don’t like questions.Most are illiterate anyway,even keeping a proper record would be expecting too much from them

They won’t allow it but I’m also of the opinion that they should be taxed.

This is the only profession where you cant ask a question and win. Ni kama kuuliza warogi maswali.

Hakuna watu wa gari ngati kama mapastor

Churches pay taxes for non-church related revenues. Careful consideration is given to those exempted from paying tax e.g services they offer to the community like subsidized hospital fees, fighting poverty etc. Lets remember even NGOs are exempted from tax because of similar reasons.

Once upon a time, rtd AG Githu Muigai drafted regulations for churches that would compel them to file audited accounts.

The churches then went ahead to unite and fight the AG like animals til he was forced to back down.

That should tell you everything about that vile, corrupt institution.
[SIZE=7]Church to fight law on financial audit[/SIZE]
Attorney General Githu Muigai. /FILE
Churches have said they will fight a law requiring religious organisations to file audited accounts.
The Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches and Ministries says members were caught unawares when they were ordered to attach audited accounts to annual returns they filed with the Registrar of the Societies.
Vice chairman Reverend Stephen Ndichu yesterday said the deputy Registrar of Societies has since Tuesday refused to receive the returns, demanding financial details from the churches.
Ndichu, a former MP, urged Attorney General Githu Muigai to “rein in his junior staff” against being used to malign the government by instigating a confrontation with the churches.
“It seems somebody somewhere still harbours some grudge with the church in Kenya with the aim of putting a wedge between the government and the faith-based organisations,” he said.

The Office of the Registrar of Societies last week started implementing the new regulations for religious organisations and their leaders.
The regulations require the religious organisations and movements to reveal their source of funding.

They are also required to show annual financial returns with audited accounts, declaration of assets and liabilities of the religious society, tax exemption or clearance certificate of the religious society and bank statements of all accounts operated.

Pre corona church v state relations are very different from the post corona church v state relations.

Now hawawezi ambia Serikali chochote since wafungwe miezi 8.

How many people do you think were still sending sadaka after month 2?

Kenyan faith has been exposed as shallow so wakijaribu kupiga kelele the government will unearth their criminal history and close the churches for further investigation na dini ikufie tu hapo.

This is why juzi Matiangi was publicly taunting them to take up the opposition vacuum

politicians need the church for money laundering and ease of getting a crowd.Ata wakifunga watahakikisha wamefungua time ya campaign

The income tax act stipulates that institutions advancing religion(read church), are exempted. However, they have to follow due procedure & obtain tax exemption certificates to enable them not pay taxes.

This means, most churches without tax exemption certs are supposed to be taxed. Anything else is being politically correct.

give to ceaser…