[11/10 11:53 AM] Thomas: Kenya Airways Pilots have issued a 7-day strike notice, they are demanding resignation of Its Chairman Amb. Awori & CEO Mbuvi Ngunze.
[11/10 11:53 AM] Thomas: The Pilots through KALPA say the strike notice will come into force On Tuesday Oct 18th at 5am via twitter. @KUNGU THE PILOT is this true

@KUNGU THE PILOT is a watchman huko Dubai…


kunguni ni watchie:D:D:D:D

I thought Kungu the parrot is a driver in some NGO huko side Zach Upper Hill?

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This KQ pilots reminds me why pilots never ran airlines, they have jumped the gun. Chairman Awori leaving was already on course but more importantly CEO Ngunze is crucially important in KQ turnaround. He is the doctor who is feeding you the painful medicine needed to get you well again. KQ has to finish taking the painful, unpopular decisions that will make whoever is doing it very unpopular and subject to constant friction. Once the bleeding is over and recovery is set within this financial year then he was set to leave and new CEO comes onboard to now guide the recovery and start a new strategic turnaround. So he will leave now, KQ get a new CEO, before even he settles, he continues with the bitter medicine, within a short period the pilots/staff will riots over those decision and he leaves after a very short term. After that trust me the pool of candidates willing to join KQ CEO recruitment will dwindle in experience and qualification.

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na Naikumi??? is he legally culpable?

From what I have read, Naikunguni and Ngunze wa Ndeke are the mbuggers who have brought KQ to its knees


The people who messed KQ are former CEO Naikuni and the board in his last 5 years. Those contracts they approved was more for other benefits other that KQ. However i’m not yet convinced that Ngunze as COO who handles the day to day flight operations was also making strategic fleet contracts which was the preserve of the CEO. Here its like passing the buck to your juniors for your mistakes. Then Naikuni left just at the right time was things were rosy at KQ and left the rot for the incoming Ngunze. He has already faced all the mudslinging real or imaginery from within and all over the republic. He knows he is going but let him make the last remaining unpopular but crucial moves to save KQ financially then get someone else that people will accept to work with and complete the turnaround.

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He works at a VCT.

@KUNGU THE PILOT ni employee wa Liverpool VCT

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Kumbe pia wewe in yatima wa wanderi?

Niko hapa westland fronts kuja nikupimie merinated nyama bila mfupa, while we chat on the next course of how you will use the ARV’s. I mean thats how we knew each other right?


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RIP Wanderi,I miss Kenyanlist

We tulikutana na wewe shule before you learnt how to blow dry your hair.Kinangofu kuhana atiaa

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how many have you banged

Mbuvi isn’t the right man to lead in the operation pride. He’s been mentioned in the Deloitte forensic report. KQ lost 3.2B between 2013-2015 through flawed fuel procurement process . And then now we hear McKinsey getting a contract of 2.3B when the airline is struggling to remain a float.

On this one I support the pilots. He has to go. It’s better to be a herd of sheep led by a lion than to be a herd of lions led by a sheep.

The last one 18 months has been hard on KQ but nothing compares with the next 18 months coming. What’s has just been happening is to stop the bleeding, let it pay it’s own bills and get expensive short term loans for operating expenses. There is nothing wrong with McKinsey 2.3 billion, that what it cost to get them as the world’s leading restructuring firm. They designed the staff retrenchment, cash injections, short term capital, route restructuring, disposal of non performing assets and the recovery strategy. The question is how much has KQ saved for following that plan. KQ in the next 18 months can either collapse and everyone who is stubborn inflexible go down with it or rise again. What’s coming the the balance sheet restructuring and recapitalization of accounts and that will bring so much friction I don’t thing anyone of worth will apply as KQ CEO right now. More staff have to be retrenched, planes sold or leased out, shareholders have to provide funding or leave and unions/staff unrest. That’s why I’m saying whether we like it or not this is the time to take the medicine and leave feelings outside. Its gonna be a bumby ride at least Nguze is here getting the insults, pressure and rough treatment live than the thief’s who are comfortable at home.