KQ Theme Song

KQ, this song makes me want to support the airline and provide ugali kubwa to the passengers on board


Enyewe but whoever did create that theme song aligonga ndipo.

That theme song is dope

hii siingewekwa TBT ama watu wameamka from a coma? ama labda mi naskia vitu zangu from back in 94?.anyways,kudos to Matthew Peevers creator wa hio tune

Has he created another tune?

yep.ile ya Airtel unliminet ,chali anakimbizwa alafu anapewa mbao baadae ati change

Theme song is not by Mutuma, he said so himself. That tune belongs to a song by a common west African artist…check either Khadja nin, Ishmael lo, Baba Maal, Habib Koite or Oumu Sangare. Its a very common West African tune, I wish I had time, i would have checked for you

Hii tuliona Kamotho akiwa bado chief parrot.

Ngimanene ni njega na thufu wa mitharigo na kamutura?

every time i listen to that song i get pissed off

sometime back (two or so years ago) during a KAA strike, we were parked on the runway with minimal AC for almost an hour with this sound track playing on repeat mode, nearly drove me insane

Kwani Khadja Nin sio mrwanda? yeh huimba ata na kiswahili

She is Burundian.