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He was Minister of Transport. He okayed that plane buying deal. The board and management was involved as well. They borrowed the funds from Standard Chartered Bank. Was it $200 million? That amount wasn’t paid to KQ accounts, they opened an account in Cayman islands for this transaction. It was funded, KQ used a company based in Portugal (wanjigi) to buy the plane from Embraer Brazil. Naikuni was at Paris airshow for the signing ceremony.


Naikuni akiangusha Magadi Soda na KQ.
Halafu yule old socialite wannabe faggot Dj pia aliangusha Uchumi, Kenatco etc etc

Could be , but catering is done by only one company , NAs owned by the kenyatta family last I checked .

As far as I know this should apply to non residents , residents get a voucher that can be used on board.

NAS is majority owned by centum. They have lost a lot of business to that new company owned by akina Matu Wamae

As far as I know this should apply to non residents , residents get a voucher that can be used on board.

hapa ndio wanasupport dry fry artists’ sector, wakwende kabisa tuwakamue

Are you suggesting that Boeing gave him a kickback? If there was kickbacks, it was through the lease backs. Who are the owners of the companies leasing the planes back to KQ? Alai got his facts wrong but that is where someone ought to look.

It might be in single digits but the damage is already done. Simply go to any travel website and search for any ticket to and from Kenya. All the tickets are either branded KLM, Air France or Delta if its onward bound to the US. Where does KQ feature yet it is in the same alliance. It is reduced to “operated by” status. Why are there no KQ flights but operated by KL, DL or AF? If they sell the tickets, it is arguable they keep the lions share of the revenue and pay KQ a smaller portion.

The nature of this ripoff that continues is best summed up in this article:
But even with that, questions have been raised within Kenya Airways as to why KLM sells more out-of-East Africa tickets than KQ.
It is now known that KLM does not make any efforts to sell KQ tickets while KQ makes efforts to sell both its tickets and KLM’s.
The winner here remains KLM, which rakes in more revenue from Eastern Africa than KQ.

What has this alliance done for KQ except profit its partners:
Kenya Airways is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance since 2007 and is proud to be the only Africa carrier in the Alliance.

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