KQ Technical issues

Wadau there seems to be a big KQ Problem
due to the frequency of delays caused by technical problems in the recent past.
In the last 3weeks,i have experienced 3delays, yesterday evening was worse and some people had to cancel their tickets.
KQ shud style up

I believe the ongoing engineers strike is the probable cause.

They went on strike demanding 600% pay increase. They all got fired and I’m very glad. Greed has been the undoing at KQ for far too long. Its barely on the road to recovery and the crew plus union demand an incredible 600% pay increase from starting salary of 60,000 to 600,000. Lesson should be learnt from those pilots who left for ME. They earn a lot more there but its wiped out by the expensive life in their very expensive city. In the end their is no significant savings they make. KQ is simply outsourcing its technical services to a firm to replace the sacked ones. Its even cheaper and reliable for them.


Greed seems to be the current Kenyan ethos; the employees have to be aware that by going on strike they are further damaging their employer’s reputation in the industry, and with it the chances of a revival. Very self-destructive tendencies, but why are we surprised when everyone thinks they deserve millions in monthly salary, regardless of what they bring to the table or how much they create for their employer?


ME ndio wapi sasa ?

There’s too much entitlement in this country.


@Hegoat, ME is Middle East; I think many pilots went to take up jobs with the Emirati airlines kina Qatar, Etihad and Emirates. Labda @spear ataconfirm


Confirmed Middle East carriers. Yes they will double your salary and allowance from for example 500,000-600,000 a month to 1,000,000-1,200,000 a month. That’s a lot of money here but not there. For you to live that lifestyle. That town house or mansion you enjoy here is double or triple the amount there. Safe to say you are back to an apartment. Everything else is double or triple the cost of everything you are used to here. You will make more but not significantly. Home is best, weather, costs, acceptance, food etc. Dubai should just be a holiday destination.


Wasituangushie our pride manze!But seriously though KQ problems are very deep especially in procurement which has enriched few people to the disgust of employees.Thats why the employees also want to get on the gravy train!
I hear (have not confirmed)that for example the small plastic soda 350ml I [/I]KQ buyes it at Ksh.300 bob can you imagine :mad::mad::eek:


that is some serious theft

The new CEO came with 10 crucial staff members from Poland who helped him revive their own national airline there. They are now also in charge of procurement. I’m also glad that KLM shareholding is now single digits less than 10%. They have lost say in the board. Usidanganywe na mtu they all ate together. From KLM nominated KQ directors, kimunya, wanjigi, alex financial director and naikuni. The worst has past for KQ, only short term running expenses are due.


Kimunya alikuwa anamumunya kila kitu during his time as Minister.


KQ kila mtu ni mwizi. Usitetee management. A management who fake plane issues to book people in hotels thus taking a kick back from those hotels.
A time we were delayed, booked in Sarova Stanley around 100+ people. Say Stanley chargers 25k a night BB thats 2.5m in one day. Pewa kick back ya 500k mbona usifake the delays after every 4 days.
This was even proved by cjui which audit firm investigating KQ huge losses some times back.


Starts with our leaders who plunder public resources and don’t know they are damaging the future generations. So these guys are doing what their leaders do best .

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This is very mean mean of them considering the frustrations and inconveniences subjected to the customers.

Ebb -Nrb yester day evening was frustrating with no proper updates from their office, Is their customer care office on strike too?

Lakini hamfai kuiita greed at such hard economic times .Even if its 600% we all know you have to aim for the moon to reach the sky .

You are delayed in nairobi and taken to a hotel for a night and pay 25k yet your house is a taxi away?

Kidero na Mumias, Ciano na Uchumi, Titus Naikuni pale KQ na wengineo should all be rotting away in Kamiti. The mess and theft that Naikuni oversaw at KQ wacha tu. Anyway engineers acha waende middle East, I know a number who have relocated. Shida tu its breaking up their families since they are forced to leave behind bibi na watoto


It is KQ who pays, hapo ndio wanakulia. Too many delays and disruptions = benefits to senior management staff who cut such deals

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This is not about kimunya. Naikuni went on a plane buying spree that loaded the company on debt. He got his commission and vamoosed leaving someone else to deal with the mess. Kimunya was nowhere close by that time.

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