KQ Returns To Profitability



Hasora ako sawa.

Those are cooked accounts. Don’t believe anything this government tells you. There is nothing that has changed in kq to warrant it to make a profit


Halafu tutakuwa tunaibail out na taxes in a year or so.:laughing: #niabm

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Hi Ndindu Jr.

Hello billionaire. Huku unaona tuko sawa kama bidenstan ama tumepotea?

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Thats operating profit buda, after tax they are still in losses.

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Before you belive that nonsense …
Let someone explain to you HOW the Airline solved its KES: 73 Billion Debt …???


Unaona ukienda nayo Naikuru?

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Githeri chieth news


Leo KQ wamefungua route ya eldoret

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I can’t survive in this country. Everyone from the mama mboga to the barber to the Uber driver is dishonest. Nothing works. Shithole country. I can’t wait to go back to Sodom. I am too soft for this country. Only fake mzungus, hardened panjeets, and somali warlords can survive here.

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You are giving up too early . You need to assimilate and be anonymous. Unless you are working on some business deal with some junguu clients , the First rule is usiongee kizungu ya mapua as that makes you a mark in some scenarios…talk Swahili na uchanganye na Kikuyu. That will save you from mama mboga, mama fua, mama soko, kinyozi etc…they are not dishonest just that they see someone who can pay more for their services which is business .

Try and blend in, mambo ya designer wachana nayo, don’t overdress and don’t underdress. For about 80 K you can get a furnished Airbnb in Kilimani or Lavington, Karen etc or even get a place at Stanley hotel. Don’t let people know where you are from, be a local and act like one …get in a matatu, eat local etc…

Lastly ask yourself why you are in Kenya and what you want to achieve…time goes so fast and before you know it you are like WTF…don’t think that’s a problem since you claim to be retired .


KUMAanisha dainaste walikua wanakula profits

Stage Yao ni Country bus ama Tea Room?

Hii ndio real jungle. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

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Its actually “operating profits”, comprehensive loss is at Ksh 25B.

Cooked Figures …
The Debt is by now closer to between KESS: 80-90 Billion
( … including outright theft … )

Immediately after separation from East African Airways , we were doing just fine …

  • we should have flown only a modest and profitable route structure.
  • we should have had seasoned Aviation Professionals at the helm intead of all those political appointees and their mistresses.
  • we should have had a coherent , simplified Aircraft fleet for long , medium and domestic flights.
  • we should have developed profitable Cargo , Hotel , Duty Free , Holiday Charters , Engineering and Maintenance , Inflight Catering and Airline Careers Training subsidiaries that would have generated additional Income.

We knew what to do …
We just allowed politicians , thieves and fools to run down that Airline…

Bure Kabisa …

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