KQ pilots wanawachilia free gear kwa mteremko

KQ has come under fire for making its pilots fly dreamliners with a higher fuel cost index (300). this utilizes more fuel but saves time in flight. as such, pilots spend less in hotel accomodation and related expenses. The result of this is that they have reduced pilots on the Ghuangzou route from four to two per week. But nevertheless, stakeholders are complaining that this puts the safety of passengers at risk. Quite interesting.


My old man once told me he was in CDG from JFK in a little less than 3 hours on the Concorde. Whether that story is true is up for debate to this day.

The 90s were the bomb.

concorde did trans-atlantic flights in little over 3 hours. however, tickets cost a fortune. in fact, concorde flights zilikuwa kama sherehe za ma coolkid. They even dressed up for the occasion.

Btw nilisikia kutoka kenya hadi south africa ndege haikunywi mafuta sana. Ukiangalia map utaona ni mteremko. Ikipanda towards egypt ni mlima all the way so inakunywa mafuta kama ghaseer. Akili mtu wangu!!! :D:D:D Story za Jaba.!!!

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They are coming back bigger and better…


Ndo nilikua nadai kuuliza @kah tony kama budake alikua minister ama vipi coz from what it looks like, a plane capable of doing 3 hrs in such a distance would be in extremely high demand. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry would afford such.

It doesn’t come cheap either…niliona a very interesting documentary about the concord. Ma sonko ndio walikuwa wanapanda for the thrill of it. It was expensive to keep the planes running i guess thats why they halted it.

Has never been a politician or held a government job. Alikuwa na job poa and corporate perks gave him a lot of privileges. That flight was a one time thing. Ile you’re required in a different time zone in double time and all you have to do is submit receipts.

na niaje ulifungwa jela?
si ungepiga simu?


Ile siku utapatikana na wild game anything ndio utajua simu huwa haziendi. Although sikufungwa. That was to throw off the scent of being doxxed

Pilots should intentionally crash land several to send a message

Wewe na matako tofauti ni meno…why not resign as the pilot?

They resign uwapee kazi? Kubaff

Shida sio ati zilikuwa expensive , there are companies which still use private jets which go at a slower speed and are more expensive , it is just that the demand of flying Transatlantic for 3 hrs was small in the era of the internet .

Depends on the airport,if west ,atleast 3.5 thoug it didnt fly to LA commercially.However, its fastest transatlantic crossing was on 7 February 1996 when it completed the New York to London flight in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds. Your pops was right

Baba yako alipora parastatal gani?

Typical African expektashion