KQ Pilot charged for forgery in Lands Ministry to defraud Mzungu of his land worth 250M in Karen

In Kenya owning a prime piece of land is a danger to your life. Especially if you are a woman or a foreigner. I bet if these forgeries went through mzungu would be dead by now.

[SIZE=7]Kenyan Pilot Eric Lugalia Charged With Forging Documents To Claim Sh250mn Land[/SIZE]

NAIROBI, Kenya July 10 – A Kenyan pilot was charged on Friday for forging documents, to lay claim on a Sh250 million land in Karen, Nairobi.
Eric Agolla Lugalia, accused of has been charged with making a false document to defraud Stuart Gerald Cullinan Herd of his land.
Court documents show that the land is located along Bogani Road, measuring 1.970 hectares and which is valued at Sh250 million.
Charges read out to Lugalia states that he forged the land title dated August 2, 2005 “purporting it to be a genuine Certificate of tittle issued by the Ministry of Lands.”
He also faced a separate charge of forging a sale agreement for the land “purporting it it to be a genuine document signed by Jonathan Kipkemboi Toroitich.”
The late Toroitich is the late son of former President Daniel arap Moi who is also deceased.
Lugallia denied the charges, of making the documents, including an instrument of transfer when he was arraigned in court Friday.
He was granted a cash bail of Sh150,000 by Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe, who set the mention date for July 30.

His lawyers pleaded with the court to bar the media from publishing the proceedings, but the request was dismissed.

They need to update land laws and require every land transaction have funds transferred bank to bank. And provide proof of that transfer before the title deed is issued. That way you come 20 years with a title deed, the courts first check is that transfer of funds from the bank itself.

And all fund transfers registered with KRA. You are a pilot that makes ksh300,000/month in your income taxes, yet you purchase a piece of bush worth ksh 300 milllion. People are not stupid.

Title deeds are forged all the time here. Luckily he didn’t sell it some other person because he had forged all the necessary signatures from lands office and the one from Mois son. These thing is a collusion with Lands Officials. This guy didn’t act alone. I shudder to think what would have happened to the mzungu. Deportation or death. In Coast there’s so many such cases.Of mzungus being dispossessed of their properties . It is a cartel in Ardhi house. A mere pilot can not manage to pull this off by himself.


Recently there was a case of a mzungu lady murdered and then her lawyer and her saloonist in collaboration forged her death certificate, cremation, will and went to the high Court for a transfer of her 20M property in Nakuru and even had already sold it to a certain pastor. The judge suspected something fishy and asked DCI to investigate. Her body has never been found. @Finest wine this is the case I have been telling you about.

This is the lawyer


This is the saloonist.


As usual Cliff Ombetta is her lawyer



If you claim you purchased land x years ago, first of all you need to prove you did. What are the details of the transaction. That’s the first question a judge should ask. The fellows at Ardhi house are crooks. They know everything. They are very slow to upgrade the systems because you will cut off a cash supply to many people.

There are ways to completely stop forgery of titles. One way is to make titles one many documents that proves ownership. In this day of biometrics, Digital IDs, electronic records, electronic verifications, electronic verifications…, it’s is fairly easy and cheap to implement a failproof system.

y the way, is there any same person who would pay 250M for that land. Is pokuwa iko valued hiyo bei, kuna mtu in real sense anaeza lipa hiyo pesa?

But then again there are many, many transfers of interests in land where no single coin is paid. For example - divorce settlements, gifts in consideration of love and affection, inheritances, swapping :D:D, guarantees, mergers of joint interests…many! What do they do about those?

Digitize the land records an make them available to the public too.

@TrumanCapote " In Coast there’s so many such cases.Of mzungus being dispossessed of their properties "

True. There is even a documentary about a young white lady who tried settling down in coast from I think u.k. she was harrased Hadi akarudi kwao. Wanatumia Hadi witchcraft

Makamasi, nani huyo analamba kikombe? :D:D

Thenkiu. A must listen to. I was v touched by the story of that lady…

as always shiny-eye lasimaaaa akuwe involved aka lucy waithera

I’m not sure how many people got that last name Herd but in the aviation there’s a well known one called Alan Herd. I wonder if he’s related to the guy being defrauded.

The lawyer is kikuyu too. Avoid being biased against women. What does a saloonist know about inheritance? I think the lawyer instigated all this. Even this Tob Cohen case I suspect his lawyer’s involvement. They had businesses together and it wasn’t even in the will that was read. The lawyer is now sole proprietar of the businesses they jointly owned. Lawyers are such crooks.

Eheee!!! So that was how they got together. I was wondering how the black pilot was connected to the mzungu. Usually they befriend mzungu. Earn their trust, get to know everything they own. Then start the plot to get the property. I have some relas who live in that Bogani Lane. They’re not many. Catherine Ndereva also lives there. Some guy who has a stable a mzungu maybe he’s the one. Wacha nipate uhondo from the ground.

These white people are so trusting its unbelievable. How do you make a saloonist your best friend? When you go somewhere and you are a foreigner the first thing is to look for your fellow foreigners. If you are not close to these people they can’t get you. It’s when you trust them that you get conned or worse killed.

During Ngilus tenure the process began but not sure where it’s at with Karoney seeing she’s a right hand woman of Arap Mashamba.

Here it is. You’d think that she’d ask her fellow jungu business owners in Watamu for help but no it’s her masseuse, ati her best friend, she asks for help. Then she fell in love with a gigolo on the first night she met him in a club. Like how naive are these women. I’m a black Kenyan woman and I know to stay away from Coastal Beach Boys and locals. They are used to freebies and taking advantage of people. I have couple of friends there but I preferred watu wa Bara my fellow immigrants.


Because in most cases their countries are v safe. I find my deliveries outside my door…no-one can touch them or sometimes they are left at a neighbour’s I don’t even know. The European culture.

I can see where she was coming from…but how tragic…dying cruely in a country she loved so much…

Actually it was not bought. Not all land acquired is bought. It was a gift from the late Daniel Moi. Through the late Jonathan Moi his son. Apparently the KQ pilot was arrested while trespassing said land claiming that Moi had given it to him as a gift. Thereafter the mzungu was repeatedly harassed by the police who were on the KQs pilot’s side. Why wouldn’t they he had all the documents to prove ownership though I believe he paid the cops to harass the mzungu into leaving the land. Kenya is a jungle. The mzungu is lucky this didn’t end in death. The KQ pilot seems to be a rookie in this land scam game.