KQ is going down

The writing is on the wall. Ile strategy JSKS ametumia ni kali sana. He has used the pilots’ union to punch a 6 by 6 feet hole in the hull of the organisation. Now, it will surely go down. KQ has been a money soak pit the last ten years. Taxpayer’s money has been thrown at it as bailout even without parliament approval year after year. This is because a special family in the country has interests in it and owns several planes in the company.


The country knows that KQ has been a loss making entity for a very long time. Every year, Government must inject money into the airliner to keep it flying.

Now, for Murkoneno as the CS in charge, please do not allow anybody to pressure you. Going fwd do this:

  1. Suspend KQ operations until further notice. Let the planes and the pilots have a rest. Don’t listen to such stories like ooh we will lose 300M daily. Let us lose the 300M daily and save the billions we would inject into the airliner to ensure it keeps flying.

  2. In the suspension period, form a task force to audit its books. Stretch the audit to about 10 years back. Let the task force turn all the stones. Investigate anything and everything up to and including who supplies tissue papers to the airliner.

  3. Suspend all workers. Let everyone go home as the audit goes on.

  4. If possible, lease out the planes the government owns. Achana na zile za shosho. If Ethiopian Airlines wants to use them during the suspension, allow them at a fee.

  5. After the audit is complete, hire workers afresh. Set targets for the new employees. If targets are not met, disband again and hire afresh.

Suspend it and go back to your office and develop lasting solutions to this troubled bird that was once the Pride of Africa.

Mnyesho za Zimia Zebus zikuje sasa:D:D:D


Seems like you weren’t keen on what KK were saying during campaigns. Promises are being fulfilled one after the other. Tulia hapo kando uone ile speed KQ inakuja nayo chini


Katambe. I have only used KQ for domestic flights only. When am flying international i rather fly Sudan Airline than KQ. Now imagine how many people are stuck with the current strike. They would be luckily to get a refund too. Also their customer service reviews sucks. It was state capture. I would not care if the ship sinks. RUTO afanye overhaul ya the whole entity. Nasikia ni cashcow ya the Kenyattas

Flush the shithole company down the drain. I lost serious money when their shares tumbled. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Ruharo rwa nyenje, umetuma cv ya kadere huko

JSKS pia kuna vendetta in the mix. Alijaribu kuingia biashara pale cargo terminal akaambiwa he wasn’t welcomed kwa meza ya wazito akina wanjigi na baboon

Jsks never forgets nor forgives ,nataka hizo ghaseeeeeer zifinywe like nansense. Maybe pharmacist will get a change to move from millionaire to birrionare like @Baby Panay the pipuh resident

Naona part 5 penye ume target Murkomenos ziajiriwe after kicking out everyone else.
Nice strategy

Private jet owners hatusumbui.

Honestly I have never understood KQ kabisa. From Nairobi to New York, it charges an upward of almost $1200 while Turkish na Qatar charge $700 and $800 respectively. Yet they are losing money like shit. To hell with them.

They know even if they carry 10 people on that route mwenye ndege bado ataunda pesa because government will throw billions at them

If KQ is shut down, the loser is the taxpayer. Contracts are binding. Some of those contract terms are not a joke. You will be surprised the airport land etc are collateral

Anika hapa. Ati airport land is collateral? Collateral to who? Collateral to what? KQ is a private company. KLM with its 8% share inaweza tishia JKIA?

Tearing down something is very easy. On the other hand, building it back is very very hard especially nowadays. In case you haven’t realized we live in a completely different world.

Heri tukae kama Naija. No national airline but with a booming aviation industry. Hii yetu national airline is in quotes anyway so…

US too doesn’t have a national carrier, but they have very big aviation companies

Suspend all workers kwani unadhani hii ni ile kinyozi ya @Tom Bayeye Otieno? This is a national airport. Can you be serious for a quick minute.

How many Kenyans does this company employ anyway. Can’t other airlines provide a similar or better service lazima iwe wao ndio kubeba? Si ndege ninkama fancy matatu Tu . Swap em to the next kamagera maisha iendelee