KQ direct flights to the US bei sio mbaya and good battle with Ethiopian

Labda na Drone. Some serious licenced drone pilots can do it with the airport’s permission.

That is a very stupid and baseless argument. Probably inebriated while posting it.

True, that’s why JKIA runway is 4Kms long. Same case with Bole in Addis

Once two planes take off from Mombasa and Nairobi, don’t they take the same route to the same destination?

Incorrect. The blur is available with any SLR camera by manually setting the aperture to focus on the foreground subject or whatever area one desires. If you wanted to make a picture like the KQ one, you set the aperture to focus to infinity.

Read up on focal points and depth of field.

Probably he meant flying East from Mombasa you will get to Los Angeles faster than flying West from Nairobi and landing in the East coast of America.

Do landings at high-altitude airports require longer runways?

Yes, they do. Higher altitude comes with lower air density, which provides less lift at any given speed. Therefore, airplanes need to land at faster speeds, to avoid aerodynamic “stalling.” Hotter air also is less dense, so that “high and hot” conditions require longer runways, sometimes longer than runways that exist at some airports.

KQ vs ET airline, KQ wins any day, thats my valid observation for flights to Adis, Djibouti etc. price is at the moment half ya ET airline… Airbus 350 ya ET yet to see the inside

There must have been a helicopter or a drone above awaiting the plane.to take off from the airport.The picture seems to be that of a plane that has just become airborne

Swali ni why New York & not Dallas or Minnesota where you have a large kenyan population. Ama the target market ni wazungu.

Diasporans ni watu wamashidashida. Zao ni one way tu. Unaskia mtu aliland minnesota 1992 before multiparty system na hajawai rudi ata kutembea. Si watapeleka KQ hasara.

Not really though…

Only issue with KQ ni tabia yao ya kuchelewa kama mat and no explanation. Unreliable. Hopefully they’ve worked on that.

One thing, I will not be among the first guinea pigs on this direct flight. I’d like to see how they manage it for like 1 year bila any major incidents. Nowadays British airways and other airlines have really upped their game. Years ago we used to have 7-8 hour layovers at Heathrow, Amsterdam or Brussels…now it’s only 3 hours. My total trip ends up being 21 hours. With this direct flight, most Kenyans still have to fly from wherever they stay to JFK airport in NY. With the resultant layovers and the usual KQ delays, how much time are you really saving?

OK, this is from those cities to which one in America?

From Philadelphia intl airport…