KQ direct flights to the US bei sio mbaya and good battle with Ethiopian

The launching of KQ’s 15 hrs direct flight to the US is a good move na itapea Ethiopian airlines compe as they have been monopolizing the long haul flights in the region.Na bei ya cattle class naona sio mbaya [ATTACH=full]150186[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]150187[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]150188[/ATTACH]


Mama wewe bado hujapanda sgr kwenda sumbuana na mabeach boy…just a heads up huko hakuna kuma ya free

bado .kama uliangalia booking yangu vizuri ilikuwa feb not jan

Nani alipiga hiyo mbicha

spear hio ndio kazi yake

15hrs umefinyana na watu ni kama uko Eldoret Express? Wacha nilipe double nikae solo business class kwa dirisha. But hii ni flight sitawahi panda.

why is the booking way much ahead, almost an year. i still dont get it

Typically one can book a flight in advance 331 days.Gives then more time to sell a ticket and manage their operations

Hii picha ilichukuliwa aje at the close range ndege ikiwa airborne


Na camera.

the how not the what


Congratulations KQ step by step they will recover then get better than ever before. Remember even at their worst KQ won the best Business and Premier class service in Africa. They are the current holders of Africa airline of the year.

Ethiopian Airlines overtook us but they are making the same mistakes we made when we overtook them in the year 2000’s. They have stretched their planes services too long and thin as they try keep up with their rapid expansion. Sloppy services, missed flights and poor connections has started to be common at Ethiopian just as it did for KQ.

A post in my timeline alerted me to this in Dec. A traveller was full of praise of their new plane and service to Addis to connect two years ago. This time another new plane A350 or something but very sloppy and dismissive. Arrived late to Addis and therefore missed connection. Bole airport is a relic airport and I’m sure they can’t wait for the new terminals to be ready. 8 hrs of wait in the ever increasing crumped airport. Took dinner at a restaurant near the toilet. Connected to the flight and got another poor service on board. By the time he got to Bangkok he had suffered from food poisoning. Very embarrassing to be going to the loo so often on the flight. This narration made me check on reviews online and I noticed that increased spike in complaints. Sure all airlines get them but you can also notice a sudden onslaught of sloppy service manifesting itself. KQ can capitalize on that.

That said I also noticed very good reviews on Rwandan Air. That airline is one to watch out for. Small airport served by dedicated staff, small airline that cherishes every customer.

nikama ata dereva amefungua dirisha ya side yake

watu wa aviation, hii story ni ukweli?


Photoshop. Were it real the background could have been blurred in the background as most DSLR do

I am looking forward to KQ flight to New York. I swore never to use KQ. I took a flight from NBO to LOS and missed a flight connecting to ABV.
ADD is crazy and populated. I almost missed my flight to Brussels but it was Ethiopian’s new year and they a little bit relaxed.

Rwanda is brilliant. Superfast internet during the layover. And they are still increasing the infrastructure.

Kupata visa is a whole other issue…but good job KQ!

Good amount…Now to figure out how to deal with Trump.