KQ cuts Newyork flights only few weeks after launch

Meffi Nation, no more words from me

A typical representation of what is wrong with Kenya as a nation. All PR and no substance!

Matako ya punda wewe. Tulishaona

What does Nairobi offer? It’s going to take a while to develop this route as Nairobi sees what it can offer for American tourists and businessmen alike.

Ticket pricing imewapiga chenga.

inaitwa kenya a perfect example of impulse buyer. yaani watu hupenda kununua vitu super ama kwa mall yet they will never get to fully use them

Enyewe uko nyuma ka @Matako ya Punda :D:D:D:D:D:D .ilipostiwa twice buda

Hii tulianalyze hapa na tukasema ni umeffi.

I was never going to change my jamu plans off a typically unreliable company to start with.

[FONT=courier new]What happened and why this early?[/FONT]

I didn’t know what all the excitement was about. It seemed childish

It was about the free ride to Nuyok…the free loaders had every reason to be excited.