KQ Chairman Michael Joseph announces group CEO Mbuvi Ngunze is set to leave in Q1 2017

This is why government agreed on KQ minority shareholders campaign to have Michael Joseph as Chairman. His steady hand, experience, knowledge and lack of personal interest is what KQ needs to complete the turnaround strategy.

Golden Parachute ni mita ngapi?

Kuna mahali hapo wamesema he is being retrenched/retired so that he can qualify for a golden handshake.

You used to say that Ngunze was the perfect man to steady KQ. I used tell you he’s not


I think kq needs new minds so yake inabidi achomoke

Yes. I mentioned it here several times that he ought to have chomokad kitambo. But @spear disagreed. Anyway, the swamp is drained. KQ should be made great again

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That new mind was Michael Joseph, what we have is good plan to revive KQ that was designed by McKinsley and passed by the previous board including ex chairman Awori and outgoing group CEO Ngunze. That plan looked to be ruined by pilots and staff who are rightfully thinking for themselves and not the airline because due to catching feeling they don’t realize at that point the interest of both are the same. Michael Joseph came in and settled things, told pilots to go back to work, they are employees not management so they can’t dictate to them what he can do or not. As long as the airline meets their dues/obligations then they need space to get them out of their financial mess. It was clear any strike to force management hand would cause KQ Kshs 300 million daily and further erosion of passengers. He said he needed Ngunze as CEO until the right time for him to leave (deft touch) not chest thumping and demands. Joseph decided to study the KLM-KQ deal first, learn its good and bad aspects, seek professional opinion then engage them for further discussion. That is proper not just following rumours, hashtags, commentary and personal opinions and acting on them. (steady hand). He then called KLM CEO and they mutually agreed to renegotiate the deal after careful review on the best way forward for everyone. (no friction-experience). Michael Joseph is that cool head that was needed and look how well he has handled Nguze exit with confidence and dignity. That is how you build bridges and save a company through confidence/reassurance not mpampano that Kenyan’s crave for.

KQ pilots had the best interest for the company. Some were being poached by Middle East carriers but refused to go.

Were it not for them and the pressure they applied, Awori would still have been chairman and not Michael Joseph

Funny how @spear skirts around any comment that’s critical of his position. What kind of human is this?

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Huyo jamaa anatuambia what? Ati Ngunze and Awori had the best plan for KQ but pilots frustrated them? Hapo @spear umeniangusha. Awori, Naikuinia, Mbugua and Ngunze were the problem

Inaitwa speaking from both sides of the mouth. Criticising pilots because of their strikes. Showering praises on Michael Joseph that he’s the man needed at KQ. Yet, it is known by everyone that if it wasn’t for the pilots, Michael Joseph wouldn’t have been appointed at KQ.

Another post made earlier it was said that Mbuvi Ngunze is the medicine the doctors ordered to turn around KQ!!! I just shook my head. That is likr trusting a hyena with strategy on how to herd goats.

Moving forward, we wish MJ all the best.

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KQ turnaround strategy was designed by McKinsey not pilots so let them stick to their lanes, if they want to be managers let them resign and apply for the position of CEO like everyone else. McKinsey were appointed by Ngunze and the board under Awiti ratified it. Everyone in the board past and present agree it’s was the right turnaround strategy and that’s why its still being implemented. If you want to understand my point, set aside feelings and hardline positions. The people who messed up KQ is Naikuni and Ngunze involvement is still under review by auditors PAC, EACC and CID. Meanwhile he has faced his critics not hide from them, he has testified where required, wrote statements and most of all faced all the pressure head on without reacting back as the gentleman he is. He is mostly unpopular because he is the punching bag of the ails KQ is facing but at the same time he is implementing the turnaround strategy that includes retrenchment, costs cutting, cancellation of routes and downsizing of underutilized planes. It’s necessary but unpopular with staff but at the end KQ will survive to rise again. Instead of staff and pilots accepting that hard fact they think the turnaround will stop if they strike to replace him immediately. Michael Joseph told pilots clearly they are overstepping their role and he values his CEO input now until he finds a suitable time to replace him. He also reminded them the foolishness of the strike which in a day wipes out Kshs 300 million revenue that is equal to their wages for something based on catching feelings and hard positions. Kila mtu akae lane yake, the grass is not always greener the other side. KQ valued engineering division moved to other airlines and for a time it affected KQ but then the industry has options for such occurrences, KQ simply outsourced that division to a firm handling other airlines in JKIA and they actually save more on wages than having their own. People need to think beyond their current unga and making haste decisions. Short term KQ is still unstable but long term it will be greater than ever. Remember at its worst year KQ flew more passengers than ever and won the prestigious Africa Airlines of the year.

Apologies if the pilot strike left a bitter taste in people’s mouths… But something had to be done for management to change… Facts are if it wasn’t for the pressure KQ pilots and their union KALPA put on the board, Michael Joseph would not have been the chairman…

10,20 years from now if KQ rises from the ashes, there should be a footnote to recognize the heroism of KALPA.


Boss are you trying to say pilots should have no say in management? Hata sweeper must have say. Your tone is so dismissive and dictatorial that pilots don’t know what management is. Participatory and democratic management call for the voice of all team members to be heard. If it wasn’t for the pilots we would never have known that poor management and outright thievery by Naikuinia, Ngunze and Mbugua and others hiding in the shadows,was at the root of the rot. Akina Ngunze kept hiding behind oooh ebola , political instability, hedging fuel prices to sooth us. But opening destinations like Vietnam. As Mbugua was asked, he was firing guys earning 50k while taking home 4M was he normal? wacha pang’ang’a mingi dismissing pilots. Kama imeoza imeoza


I said here Ngunze will be given a deal. He comes clean, and they give him an opportunity to clean up after his other Lafarge guy and clean his name the go out quietly with good recommendation. That is what is happening. Kudos MJ. Ngunze, chieth

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I’m not dismissing pilots, I’m dismissing their threat of action in this case an unnecessary strike that would have coated 300 million a day. KQ was suffering in raising wages and yet they want to make a difficult situation, impossible. Yes everyone should have a say but there limits and responsible actions. If direct your cleaner, he disagrees a d decides to break up the kitchen is that also proper. People should learn to talk to each other not at each other. Pilots didn’t expose anything all these was revealed by a audit report that was leaked by staff at KQ management. The pilots were reacting to that report like everyone else so let them not try and take credit for everything. Even Michael Joseph appointment has nothing to do with pilots, they read the announcement like everyone else. While they were pushing for management change, Chris Kirubi who is a minority shareholder met others and picked Joseph. CK approached Mwuita who worked under Joseph in Safaficom at office of the President to fill him in on their plans. From the then on it became easy. Chief of staff Kinyua agreed as he worked well at the board of Safaficom with Joseph when he was Treasury PS. Joseph was then approached but wasn’t fully convinced as he knew alot of friction existed at KQ between workers, supplier, debtors etc. It took a phone call from President Uhuru to convince Joseph to accept that position. Details that pilots are trying to take credit for.

Nobody has said the pilots appointed Michael Joseph. What is we are saying is a simple and straight forward statement;

The pilots applied the pressure that forced the management and board changes.

Unless evidence is brought to show that the changes to management and board had been planned before the pilots raised the issue, facts will remain that the exit of the Chairman and CEO was because of the pilots

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Inaitwa kutupiana mateke. Let’s emulate healthy discussion .Let’s avoid dick measuring contest and personal vendetta. We are all here for common goal, to make our institutions and country great. Sometimes eating a humble pie is not a sign of weakness but maturity@Spear@Okiya .Let me be your mediator Koffi Anan

Sijawahi mbembeleza mwanaume

Unapigia mbuzi guitar. I was on his list of the people he used to follow but the day I criticized a point he made with facts, he unfollowed me and blocked me. A sign of maturity indeed!!

I can give you instances in this village where I thought I was right, a villager corrected me, went and did my research and came back and admitted to the villager that indeed I was wrong. Sio mambo ya kublock block watu