KPM-15 The copyright act

Just so you know if you are in an office with a TV, you will need to part with 25k ( nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa ) , other levies are in the 2020 Gazette notice no.32 . Surely!

Kenyans have money, they’ve never taken to the streets to protest these laws. So watu walipe tuuuuuu.

bure. unaweka kitu ingine wachana na local channels. you are good.

Wacha wasanii wakule pia. It is a great thing for they put in a lot in investment for their craft. The monies will also go a long way in improving the industry.

Mambo si tu kupirate songs. If you like an artist’s song, why not legally stream it from their YouTube channel…ama mtasema bundles onge!

You really believe that money reaches wasanii? Unajua cartels wewe ama ndio umefika Kenya?

Achana na hio nugu. :D:D:D:D

Be specific,TV only ama ile inaonyesha? Regardless of showing international content? Whats the difference na ile ya nyumba if i work from home? Ama pia hio ni office and lazima nijiseti ? :smiley:

Serikali imewakosea adabu:D:D:D:D

In non bonobo nations. The media station playing the music pays a loyaltyfee per played song to the copyright holding company. That’s right, you heard me negros. Every time Jay Z’s song plays in a media station in the use, they pay him upto $6 per song per play. Hii ujinga iko kenya radio kuona zinakufanyia favor is a reality that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

You need to listen to what paul Kigame and all other artists have to say about the music copyright
Reuben Kigame: Don't let government, MCSK speak at my funeral

Reuben Kigame: Don’t let government, MCSK speak at my funeral
Disillusioned by meagre earnings despite 34 years in industry
In Summary
[COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]He rules airwaves but only manages to get Sh18,000 royalties at the end of the month

Basically all the money collected is stolen and artist get peanuts.

Hii statement among "Kenya is a rich country"hunishangaza sana…its a chest thumping one but we all know extra 25K will be diverted from somewhere else to pay the levy. It’s not that payers will make AN extra 25K but sacrifices will be made…Rob Peter pay Paul type of thing…anyway

Reminds me of the long gone time when you needed a licence for a T.V.

Therein lies the problem and it’s not a lack of legislation or policies.

If the problem is eliminated, artistes stand to gain from their craft.