One of the KPLC engineers electrocuted in nakuru has succumbed to his injuries.

RIP. Inaitwa Kenya Power siku hizi. Alafu waliruka wakasema those were technicians wa contractor

Pole kwa Jamii…

could be true. they gave out last mile project to different contractors. my friend tendered and he knows zilch about stima na akapata.


Lakini the stima that electrocuted the technicians bado ni yao!!



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:D:D:D…wewe ni ngombe ya museveni.

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The service line was live, where does contracting come in ? Circuit designs and live transmission are done either by kengen or kplc

Wrong ni ya Kengen. Kazi ya KP ni kuuza tu.


I think it was negligent on the part of the contractor,normally they are supposed to ensure no live feeds is on before they start working,after that they are required to make a loop such that incase it “turns on accidentally”,it would bypass them via the loop,my take is that they had done these repairs so many times,they forgot to make a loop,any way rip

Kplc just take responsibilities .they power the lines

My statement was not about who should take responsibility over the mishap, it was just to clarify that the electrocuted guy are not ‘KP engineers’ as some people are saying. Believe you me, with a little money you can move a power line without involving Kenya Power, i’ve done it so i know what i’m talking about, laini ilikua imekata ploti yangu katikati. Guys are even constructing illegal power lines and tapping power from those transformers. For sure they cannot ask KP kuzima stima kwanza ndio watap.


Hata mimi around 10 years back nilitembea Kisii and found Mastermind Tobacco employees busy laying power lines for the rural electrification project. I was like the fuck do these guys know about electricity? At the time Kiraitu Murungi, a Meru, was Energy minister. I also heard that the owner of Mastermind is also a Meru, that’s how he got the tender. Connections trump expertise as far as tendering goes.

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When i heard on the news that one of the guys got 90% burns then i knew we would soon be singing luwere. Sad thing with kenya is that now a case will drag on in courts for years before a settlement is reached. #FerkMutunga

all the power generations transmission installations and parts of maintenance( prepaid ) are contracted. .All tni done illegally. Why? MONOPOLY IN POWER BUSINESS ++++ CORRUPTION…Any way my he RIP