Kplc token business

Wazito what are the requirements to start this business?


Exactly what business?.. vendor merchant or contractor to install?

Prepaid tokens

does that business really have money? kuuzia mtu tokens he can buy through m pesa

Used to think so too, hadi time fulani nikaenda kwa mpesa shop fulani nikapata wasee wakinunua tokens hapo, then wanatumiwa hio no. kwa sms.

And then you don’t only sell tokens …unaeza mix kama duka uwe na mpesa equity agent ,kcb mtaani and many more

what is the profit margin?

the business risk is too little, how much do they make

No idea

Hio kitu ina profit margin za umeffi sana. Kuna siku sijui ni agent wa Kenya Power alikuja kwangu kuniambia naeza ziuza, akataja profit ya sijui 0.26%…yaani hata akusema 1%…nikamwambia tu aende zake. Even most Mpesa and agency banking outlets no longer engage in that meffi business. To make matters worse, sometimes the system hangs, mtu amekukwamia hapo anataka either tokens ama pesa zake, unamrudishia pesa anaenda, alafu system inatuma tokens…kama huwezi mtrace then utaenda hasara my fren.

I fear buying on Mpesa sometimes, especially when in darkness.
Many times my token has delayed for hours. At least physical receipt is instant.

kwani unangoja ziishe completely unawacha inatoa that beeping sound when the units are low? buy when units zimefika 10 ama 5

I found this

Inakaa you buy using the official KPLC paybill number 888880…iyo huwa na issues. I’ve been using 501200, a company known as VendIT, sometimes they send the tokens even before the MPESA confirmation text arrives. The only time they delay, which rarely happens, it is always Kenya Power’s fault.

When the meter is not inside the house, it is easy to forget to check.