KPLC Simping

So I ran across this advert for KPLC’s customer care week with a weird catch phrase- THE POWER OF SERVICE.
Ama this is how happy we look after a few rounds of with our AC charged sex toys ?
Whoever is in charge of kplc advert department is clearly a doofus.

Youre mind is corrupted

Kusoma sana ni mbaya…

How so ? I would be more impressed if they used a blue collar woman using power tools. Sasa hii tongue out ,peace sign slaying girl iko na uhusiano Gani na umeme ?

Amerix ni lion huku kwa social media, a timid dog kwa ground.

Its a man thing,you wouldn’t understand:D:D:D:D

[SIZE=1]wacha nikaongeze tokens,imeanza kulia kama success card[/SIZE]

This is the 2nd time you saying you use sex toys

:D:D:D:D amesema kplc is in a mess coz of women. That guy is slowly becoming an incel.

2nd ? Really ? I could have sworn it’s more.


The feminazi in me didn’t like it at all.
Ta imajini I still have the old post pay meter. My bill came to 14k. Went to customer care and they could not explain why my bill has quadrupled.

Just adopt yours truly here na bill itapungua

Wanawake are their own enemies. What has the lady in the picture done. Afadhali for first time hawajaweka jamaa wa kukata stima.

On the contrary it will get worse because you will also use my toys. Staki ! :smiley:

So criticism is considered enmity in your side of the universe ?

‘Own enemies’ is a colloquial phrase not to be taken literally

This is nothing. Have you watched the US army recruitment advert?

That ad probably costed about… kshs. 89, 734, 256.

Photographer @kijanamrefu anarushiwa 25k yake, model @Coronatities anarushiwa 30k. Oligarchs keep the balance.

No I haven’t.
Somehow I’m sure it hints on LGBTQ ama ?

I agree with you 100%. But I am sorry to inform you that you lack emotional intelligence.

This message is designed to appeal to foolish people. I wager that 80% of the human population is stupid and lacks the ability to hold institutions such as KPLC to account.

We know that only 20% of the human population have been able to move the world foward through innovations and strategic planning. The top cream in these companies belong to this demographic ( not the political appointees). and know that such communiqué will draw the attention of the populace.

I hate shallow adverts and that woman doesn’t even know what image she is advancing through the poster. And it has nothing to do with KPlC’s service.


Just brush it off and move forward