KPLC registration

Hello Ktalkers

Some days back i was filling this form of supplier in kplc. I’ve heard talks that it is no helpful to fill the form on the first place, but i doubt that.
Now could please someone with experience on this matter help me clear my doubt,
Would it be helpful if i fill the form? As in, will i get any response from kplc?
The other thing is its asking for business domain, what does that mean?

Any additional advice on this matter would be helpful.

Though kisungu yako imenipiga chenga, haidhuru … go to electricity house pale tao and they will tell you what you need to do. Went through the process kitambo sweskumbuka the finer details

supplier wa nini,inaitwa e procurement, to deal with kplc siku hizi you have 2 have a domain ie if ur company name is prezzo ur domain itakuwa [email protected], ndio u submit ur tender documents online

Go back and demand a refund from your IT lecturer

What you just described ([email protected]) is an email address and not a domain.

Sasa wewe Na uko Dubai, mambo ya kenya unayajulia wapi?

give the guy a break…zingine msee hulenga

kumbaff bora you get the message

Stop misleading the guy, stick to politics and general knowledge threads, IT issues wachia the likes of @conteh , @Web Dev @TerribleWaste or @Deorro

sawa we respond to him

retired Caddie General tulia

He is partly right. That’s a domain mail.

I tried sometimes back but sikupata tender. If you don’t get the tender they will notify you through mail and also tell you the company that won.
All the best mjamaa.

Kuwa mpole baba

How do i make one? As in what should i do to get the domain?

Apo nayo I support you 100+1%
Me sijui IT but i gues domain name haina corelation na web domain to your company website but ndo domain but kama [email protected] ndo mail

Meaning your company should have a web… Najua msee anadesign pesa chache sana


register hapa ukimaliza utumie the domain email Kuregister kplc[ATTACH=full]120063[/ATTACH]

it is just for a tender nugu

Shenzii hii najibu vile nmeelewa … kesiiich is