KPLC Prepaid Token Reversal

Is there a way I can reverse a payment for KPLC tokens ASAP. I have made an excessive purchase and wish to know if an reimbursement is possible. Anybody who knows how to or has contacts of a person tafadhali nisaidieni.

Kama tokens zimefika. Enda electricity house pale CBD. Report the issue alafu they will plan to send a KPLC technician who will reverse the tokens from the meter. He will give you a code which you will go back to electricity house for processing. This entire process will take between 1 to 3 months for a refund. So my advice is count your losses and use the tokens juu ile frustration na kuzungushwa utafanyia is not worth it. Strap on your seatbelt because it will be a very rough ride. Expect kuambiwa gari yakupeleka technician haina mafuta

Iyo assume tu umelipa bills in bulk. Ile siku ya kuhama na bado uko na tokens sasa sijui utafanyaje. Anyway ni maisha

Pesa imeenda kwa mnganga hairudi:D:D:D:D

Yes, it’s possible on paper…but realistically it’s not.

Tumia token wacha wasi wasi

engui niaje

tumia token mpaka ziishe.

lick your wounds and move on.Siku ingine ukinunue usikuwe juu ya jabbaa au kalovo

Omoisioyo niaje uncle, leta io Jemison fake tutolee hang over bana

While we are on this topic I want to know whether those kplc tokens mwitu za Telegram work?

No they do not,kuna mtu alilua hapa kijiji some many moons back. How do you pay 500 for units worth almost 1500?

Initially I assumed it was a scam but then I saw this 2019 article. Nikama they have figured out another way to generate illegal tokens.

“A blow by blow account of how staff at the Kenya Power illegally generated and sold electricity tokens to consumers in the black market leading to a loss of Sh35.2 million can now be revealed today.”

Token za 1k ndio mtu anadai mpaka reverse?

Ndo nahama place in two weeks and I always bought in bulk. Sasa 13k is just gone like that . Bado I’ve not uploaded the tks just have the message. Smh

Damn!! hii ni mob…13k worth tokens in 2 weeks hauwes maliza. Call their hotline & enquire. Or extend your stay by another month or two if possible

Just extend your stay hoping hamna vita na Landlord ndio inakuhamisha

I don’t know about you but tokens za 13k should last you a whole year

Around 3-4mths, since part of my business requires power hungry home appliances… Cannot extend my stay, have to head off to Kilifi for some time. Labda nitaongea na caretaker, so next tenqnt anaeza buy from mimi. There are about 3 messages each approx 4200ks

Iyo itabidi tu umeongea na caretaker which pia ni headache kivyake

Sure, kwangu zitagonga mwaka.
Kwake labda 3-4 months coz kuna freezers kadhaa za kupreserve samaki for business. But he will tell us