Be ready for a few weeks of pain !!! Mine went belly up and I went through hell to get it replaced ! they almost gave me a desk at electricity house !!! Was forced to use an illegal connection for weeks and would jump like a flea everytime I heard someone at the gate because I knew if they got the illegal connection they would have sucked me dry !!!

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Ala! They came and fixed it or you’re still enjoying the electricity with no charges?

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hiyo ni control unit imebeat, nego na neighba ureload na yake urudishe. Si inaingia kwa socket?

The house is that way to date. I have since sublet the house and the tenant has never been visited by KPLC personnel since then.

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Thabks mahn…jana was at there office wakanshow nirudi leo…they gave me a new device na a code nikuje ni input kwa hao…and power is back now.

:D:Dmi ni mtu wa kilifi… Am very popular huko…ukifika ulizia mischief na ntakuja kuchinjia Monkey

Poa bro…tungefanya mischief mahali

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Thanks mimi wamenisort haraka sana

My prepaid meter does not have the signal ukijaribu kuweka unaambiwa connection failed…any help