KPLC maumbwa

Si hao mashetani waamue either power off or on. What’s with tinkering with power supply and causing mini blackouts.
I feel like shiting on their CEO’s desk. Meffi wao!

generate your own power my fren

If only it were that easy… I have plans for a 90k inverter system though. At which point I won’t care about their idiocy.

Last week kwetu ilikua inaenda for 5 mins inarudi for 2 minutes dim interchangeably…for a whole 2 consecutive days

niliwaambia solar panels ndio sawa I.e. if you have your space to install. you only check progress after 25 years.hata ukitaka kunyoa fence na kinyozi ya stima solar ni free

[ATTACH=full]148668[/ATTACH] Na bado

Get a good generator and automatic switch gears and stop curses !

Walisema ukiona wako incompetent, nenda kindaruma uzungushe hizo turbines mwenyewe

I agree. In Kenya you save yourself headaches and get free electricity forever. Is it enough to cook with? I understand electric cookers consume too much electricity

ni old monk anacheza na mawaya

hii monopoly yao yafaa ikatwe kwa buds , maumbwa kabisaaa


Only if you have enough panels and storage…

Just gotten home to find there’s low voltage in the area.
Manoogle kabisa.

when you purchase from reputable co. like chloride exide, they calculate the watts for all your possible appliances and give you panels adequate for the same. what hydro electro can do solar can do too

The issue isn’t that solar doesn’t function, its the cost for setting up a fully functional solar installation with adequate capacity.

zilichoma my appliances juzi zote. . naskianga kukunia mpaka saa hii na sina meffi kwa mcoosh aki

agree. depends with how much you are willing to part with for the lifetime investment n forget about kplc