KPA Jobs under sieke

There’s a brewing menace at the coast. See, what was initially seen as a relief for many now is a problem in the offing…
Containers that used to dock at Mombasa’s KPA now are quickly shipped hapa ICP Embakassi.
Now what is the essence of cutting off labourers pale coast yet the SGR was meant to ease off transportation of cargo.
I have friends at KPA and the freight companies and right now they are staring at job losses yet mwaka uko very young.
We are witnessing a pattern here. Job creation was not part of the big four, I guess but why not sustain the job markets that exist instead of killing them to make a political statement?

The jobs will shift to embakasi

Then walete congestion zaidi ya population hapa nairobi watu wakikimbiza kazi emba

Hapa kuna white elephant inajaribu kupakwa rangi

Hii SGR will be forced on peoples throat kama vile mtoto hukulishwa pudding. Lazima mnukishe kitunguu za wakubwa na mlipe madeni.

Na endeleeni na ile wimbo yenu, serikali ni yetu hahaha

Goods lazima zitembezwe na SGR…Kenya Railways even demoted 10 managers juu ya ya hii mambo ya freight to.

Anasa thread alert! Take cover!!!

Kwani what did guys expect? those clearing agents should have moved to Embakasi by now, next up will be Naivasha then Kisumu, jobs have moved and no one is stopping them from moving to the city.

That is how change works

People will always resist change. We also like to condone inefficiency and ineptitude. There’s also another angle, Coastarians demand more senior jobs but not translating to qualified personell. Nairobi is perceived to be more neutral.

Inaitwa destructive technology eg Mbanking,robots and now sgr.

Its inevitable bro

Adapt or perish.

And up goes your rent.

There are two types of people in this world
1.Those who make things happen. (Rich people and politicians ie those with power)
2. Those who watch things happen ie the masses or me and you ordinary folks.

If you are a businessman you can tap an existing market or create one. So in essence the government has power (No. 1 above) and has started a business (SGR) and most of us (No. 2) will just follow it up. They are creating a market For the business, choke on it or look for water to push it down your throat.

Probably you meant disruptive.
Can you imagine there were people who were once against computerization arguing that it would render many jobless?
Same with ATM’s, Mpesa etc.
People will always resist change and it’s only for their own good that it has to be forced on them.


I meant destructive because disruptive is an understament considering the noise being made around about those technologies

Let’s interrogate the statements here with facts.

Yes there are more jobs of offloading the containers contents to other modes of transport outside the port (not inside) I can categorically tell you that work is hard labour and not favoured by locals. These jobs
will simply transfer evenly to Nairobi & Naivasha and those strong backbones will move and adapt. There are jobs within the port of handling the containers but this is a skilled job. Few if any of this jobs will be lost as the containers numbers continue to rise 13% annually and will be enough for both Road (current free public & future express tolled road) and SGR.

This is not why the SGR freight service was being fought. Its just one of the many excuses to hide selfish interests and cartels.

The structure put in place by SGR Freight undercut a corruption cartel at the port. From KPA managers, CFS operators and clearing firms. You the importer and exporter are the goose that produces the golden egg. You pay extra charges for services that you shouldn’t due to port inefficiencies. It has now become clear those costs aren’t necessary since they are paper crisis to force money from your pocket to clearing agents and CFS who in turn pay the managers. All consumers pay a high price on goods to offset this cost that is feeding corruption. All transit goods and Nairobi bound goods being cleared at Nairobi ICD outside their influence is game over. That’s why the changes have been made.

The jobs at coast are only increasing not decreasing. KPA is shifting those jobs between its facilities to have a lean mean efficient port operations. All its employees are union members. Some will go to Lamu port, some to Nairobi ICD.

Corruption is not ending just shifting from one place to the next…

Btw,most interns at KPA who were absorbed mostly moved to Nairobi and Kisumu