Kosgeys bodyguard beaten like a burukenge by governor!

On the Henry kosgeys video doing rounds: let’s clarify, that is Henry’s bodyguard and not PA. He snatched some keys belonging to the county’s backhoe when the Governor led angry residents in a mission to reposes a grabbed land by Henry Kosgey, who then buried a cattle dip and planted tea. [ATTACH=full]241773[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]241774[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]241775[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]241776[/ATTACH]

Henry Kosgey is a member of our AIC church and currently doing his PhD. This world is not our home. ii mali tuna tafuta lazima kuwe na limit. Huezi own kila kitu.

Ata ivo the locals will suffer heavy loses. io upuzi wanaendeleza na governor ya kukata kata cash crop haitawasaidia. Na Kosgey hatapata hasara.

did he grab the land or did he buy it? or was the land always his and the locals became entitled?

These people have met their match, younger Kales are now dealing with them properly. They were the ones who’ve chasing other communities out of RV since Moi days.

Anyone who worked under Moi cannot be trusted with land issues.

Moi inner circle led by total man, include kulei, saitoti, ole ntimama na rest, shafted the country bila lube. Hio time ungewhistle blow ungejipata nyayo house basement ukifinywa mkangari.

[QUOTE="sani, post: 22461

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Nani atapata hasara?

How does this relate to thievery? And the repossession? Of the land?

@sani leo unatuagusha bana. kwanza unafaa utime wakati mnatoa sadaka utwange hio nyang’au kofi ya mwaka on behalf of all Kenyans.