Kori and mistress

Get more popcorns…you have a long time coming


Keeping one mpango wa kando is risky. Heri kuenda brothels once in a while kusafisha rungu.


Wachana na huyu mwoman wangu wewe.
Go attack @pseudonym ako huko ngong town

good:D:D. Remember how annoyed you are about me alluding to your cum breath next time you trivially accuse people of murder based purely on your feelings.


@pseudonym is bae

i meant mlolongo.
najua hakuna salon huko ndio maana unatumia gif ya obama coz mnafanana
effidenced down below
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Na kama hakuna sufficient evidence to sustain a case… or the man has an airtight alibi? What then?

Sema tu ukweli .
Huwa unawashwa juu ata inbox nimekublue tick.

Hehehe gender mortal combat @under23 amepigwa zweep :D:D

Weka thermal imagery

Kwanza tuseme tu ukweli tuelewane! There are cheap women but neever free women! How is that you get a chick and just fuck her hata soda asikunywe even once! The diffrence is lanyes ask for a fee directly , but the others just ask for ‘assistance’ very occassionaly to meet a need. Any man or woman who has had more than one patner for sex is practicing or has practiced prostitution , ’ no holier than thou’ attitudes here! Unless you have not sinned and not fallen short of the glory of God.

I’m not petty like that.
But we both know I ain’t lying. Or am I ?

Nah, he was at Ngong when the murder happened, the people he was with are his alibi and also the taxi driver MWK hired confirmed he was not present at the scene. CCTV footage too confirms those


Things are escalating fast

He is attracted to you

What saved Jogoo Kori from being pinned by the cops is…he hired a smart private investigator who did his job diligently and proved beyond reasonable doubt Kori had no hand in it…habari ndio hio