Kori and mistress

I insist Kueka mpango wa kando ni ujinga. See how kori’s mistress shattered his life. Si huyu mjamaa si afaa Angekua anaenda westlands kupewa vip service na high end hookers juu ako na pesa badala ya kuweka mpango wa kando alafu . To keep a mpango wa kando is risky, expensive and total bullshit. Kula malaya

kwanza huyo mpango wa kando mwenyewe ako chini vibaya, ni aibu ukiwa na pesa kama hiyo ukule dame kama huyo.
if she had focused on college beauties, she would have gotten a better deal at less cost n dramah…

this nigger failed the male fraternity, unaangusha familia for shit


Sasa hapo ndio mimi niko…

I believe the man is guilty too. Let me tag @TrumanCapote. How many MWKs can one have? siundee tuu kwa different malanye??? he is one sick man and yet hapa all we read day in day out is how we women are evil.

ones choice of companion is a most curious thing
Some men like hookers (like u)
Others free bitches (like me)
Others women from their own community
Point is he was love struck by his mpango wa kando.
Enough to get her a 60k houSe pale 4 ways na gari
Men that age dont have energy ya kuwinda mnayama every week

Do you guys think Kori bribed his way to freedom, evidence ikakosekana? Akawacha Judy the slayqueen alimange mbosho lang’ata mos mos, coz God knows she can’t bribe anything. Na hio ni kesi kubwa, you need 2million/- at minimum to be free.

I believe you can also choke on a fat dick. Giving opinions on limited info is very dangerous.

Hey how about I say bye to you?

shaitan msalabani

Was he released by the court or the police coz ama hukukuwa Na miscellaneous charge?


ha ha i don’t deal with hookers exclusively, plus can’t remember the last time i got a hooker.
my point is you have to think sometimes, si kuwa na uji kwa kichwa…
even if in your case you deal with free women, do you just pick any woman???

Fanya research case pending before court polisi hawawezi wachilia huko station without court permission.

Kori has some very pretty momos…mtawaona tu as the case progresses

If i have money to burn i would still make his choices while sampling flesh peddlers, life is too short kusema sijui hii ama ile. Do what you like

Me too, what’s is the use of having money in your youth if you do not catch at east 5 different strains of Herpes in your life?

how about doing something about your cum breath. Meffi


Meh and Ble…
TEMBEA NA YESU. Huko utapata attention ile unadai. Not here to entertain handles…giko giki