Konza Technocity in Operation. Thanks Uhuru and handshake


As long as they build roads to the place, place sewer and electric lines, the job will be done. The rest is up to private investment.

Kenyans ni mafala na wanadederve kuinamishwa wachukue sabuni kama io building enye imekula billions ndiyo mnasifu na kuita konza city. Waitaliano wenye wako hapo “came, saw and conquered.”


Ulitaka wajenge kiosk huko pia?


Good job H. E Uhuru Kenyatta

What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how many billions has been sunk for that shoddy job you are referring to as “Good job”. Not forgetting after a good fcuking 13 years. Think

We should let Ruto continue with the good work for another 10yrs

Kenyans…mwenye aliwaroga alidedi na pass code ya kuwatibu.:smiley:

Exactly, I was already uneasy when uhuru came into power cause I knew he would ignore the roads. Now, 9yrs down the line we still have shitty roads, a basic infrastructure.

Some people are seeing these pictures when underground works have already been done. There is a huge sewarage and drainage system below the road works that took time to build. They are now covered up.

So 13yrs for drainage and sewerage?

Unalipwa na nani wewe?

Stop behaving like some Somalis I encounter here.That is not a real estate project but a technology hub and incubator, though the estate is necessary part of it.

Some of what has been carefully done is nowhere else in Africa,that’s why it was expensive and time consuming.

Actually its the last 5 years that activity has picked up properly. Sijui if its because of handshake…

Konza was also a kibakis retirement project.

This regime is paying bloggers everywhere hadi huku, don’t be surprised by the level of idiocy.

kijana hii sarcasm imekumiss namna gani

How much money did you sink kwa yule “mlami” (read - convict in Kamiti) that kind of convinced you they were "mlami"?:D:D:D

Mpaka rent haukuwa nayo? :D:D:D

Did you think? Hehehehe:D:D:D

Mtukufu Rais Uhuru Kenyatta has actualised all the vision 2030 projects including lamu port and konza silicon valley. The only problem has been the dams where the usual suspect stole the dam billions.