KONZA City back to life?

such a good documentary about Konza city but the CEO of KoTDA does not seem to inspire confidence at all, the govt should have requested someone visionary like Bitange Ndemo to be the CEO of Konza Technopolis Development Authority KoTDA


You know ndemo and muthama are in court over Konza right. On corruption case where they bought the land from malili ranch at a fraction of the cost and sold it to government for billions. The ranch directors signed off the sale on gun point at Karura forest. Then the choice of CEO isn’t a fashion contest. He ranked highest in the job interviews to get the post. His job is to get investors into the city. So far Korea Institute of Science and technology has started building its post graduate university there. A first in Africa.
Lastly this project struggled to take off because of two things. The first was because it was never registed as a legal entity by 2013. Konza Development Bill waa drafted in 2014. It become law in the same year. Konza development Authority was constituted in 2015. KoTDA board was appointed in the same year. They advertised for management positions the same year. It was finally staffed the same year. So everything on Konza between 2009-2013 was done backdoor by ministries without a budget and used to eat money seriously. Secondly it was not a priority of government until 2016 when the move to give the site utilities started. Access roads, fence, boreholes, power substation and KoTDA Hq on site. Then the first actual suitable budget to KoTDA horizontal infrastructure was passed in 2017. 40 billion. That’s what’s being used now to build wide tarmack roads, storm drains, sewerage, water distribution, fibre, and power lines on site.

I did not know that Ndemo is facing corruption charges in court…

Good work June

Why cant the govt focus on this things rather than the shenanigans the big man is putting us through.? If he could have focused on projects like this tungekua mbali

I’m all for discussion and all but do a little research most times on this subjects.

What you are actually saying on the 1st post is individualization of institutions. That always makes them fail. Yes Ndemo looks cool for the job, his image on IT matters is relative to Steve Jobs. He even does the sweater look and gives lectures on the industry. Its simple, KoTDA management is due for either renewal or new appointments made. Kenyans have 1000’s of professional in this field. The board will advertise for those positions. Instead of looking for image of who looks like he can do the job, let’s concentrate on who is actually doing the job.

KoTDA management right now work well together. From the CEO to line managers all work as a team in harmony. The CEO gives space for his team also to shine and he hasn’t made himself the focal point. I’ll take someone like him anytime. Unfortunately for them they have to fight for attention/budgets in the same government that employed them and gave them targets.

Is there anything that Jubilee has doen to completion? None

Court stops Konza trial against former PS Bitange Ndemo | Nation
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Na kesi za huu mjamaa Shah wa Bidco niaje?

SGR Mombasa to Suswa haalaanki

It was Mombasa to Malaba

Malaba bado tunaelekea