Konyagi1 congratulates JSKS

I’m waiting for dis…atakuwa maji walahi…:D…he better do it haraka kabla ableki…

Boss toka chini ya kitanda…it’s done…hand over

Atakuwaje sober?

Sioni shida. It was a political contest. It was bitterly contested but a winner has emerged. Due processes have been followed and a resolution has been arrived at. The rest ni formalities.

Raila has been handled expertly this time. He has no avenue or grounds to threaten violence. The battle now is to preserve the integrity of the legislative arm of government by keeping the official opposition intact. That’s a tough ask though. Kazi kwako Kalonzo Musyoka as the senior most politician in Azimio.

Kaloozer Ako the other part of one Kenya alliance…sio azimio…he insisted and even changed jina ya Ojingas…wait for photo op ya kamelon na jsks

Konyagi1 forced this people…via prosecution… na kamata Fridays…hakuna anapenda Ojinga

Are you still habouring ile upuus ya form 2 of 2, ati sijui PO anafanya nini na form 34A? Tulikuambia ni upuuzi mtupu na hukuskia

Elewa that losing an argument in court does not mean your arguments were wrong. It just means that you did not meet the legal threshold. AJ Simpson was acquitted not because he was innocent, but because even though every sane person knows he was guilty, the prosecution could not meet the legal threshold for a conviction.

With some another two elections in the future, the process will be a worthy benchmark for any country. Eibc really tried to do a good job. They can always improve. Sugoi gangster sasa aanze kujishukuru

Conman willie atawaonyesha moto hamtaamini.

kwani raira ameenda wapi? baba the 6th

Ass.mio dimwits she’d off Ojinga idiocy…join me in timam opposition…for the love of 254…let’s keep JSKS on toes objectively

kalooser would be stupid to move from assmio while he stands a good chance of inheriting jowie’s base

Kaloozer knows Ojinga will run 2027…lol…he needs to retire to Ukambani politics…he has less than 8 percent only nationally…Ukambani he has 99 percent…he can only negotiate mkate kiasi…which he can and shall with JSKS

He could barely keep up with the campaigns. I doubt he can sustain 5 years of opposition politics.

That is not a base, it’s a cult. It worships only jowie (Baba Yao) as you call him and can listen to nobody else

Kalooser does not need JSKS. He has been in opposition for a decade but still has Ukambani on lock. Mtindo ni ule ule.

Ukambani pia anachapwa lock na mutua na kibwana…JSKS akiwapatia mashine…kaloozer na ngombe same whatsapp…mchawi nugu ngilu atazikwa na Jsks

Upuuuuuus! You were wondering why the PO had form 34A in his car, kwani ulitaka hio form ijipeleke CTC? I was just shaking my head

Ati someone logged into the server…mlitaka mbuzi ama ngamia to log in…:D:D

Dude played Raila.

Upuuuuus thread