Konyagi is a fellow who one night can be in a dingy bar in the villages taking keg and singing the night away with mugithi songs and, the next morning shaking hands at the white house in Washington, talking upperclass british english.In the evening sipping cognac at abu dhabi grand prix with his billionare prince friends.He puts a public facade of an easy going hangovered guy,but his intelligence and work ethic is admirable.

the sugoi chicken seller underestimated him,only to look down and see on his desk the only correct answer is a state agent,a fatal mistake to underestimate the head of state and okuyu mafia chairman.

The house of mumbi is assured of prosperity for a long time to come.

Wewe @Ndindu lamba mkush polepole unasumbua.

Because you adore him,go Marry HIM and marvel everyday. katakata

Kangethe una sumbua

Very insightful thread
I agree with this message fully

Atapata amoeba. Signs and symptoms of amoeba infestations includes;

  1. Vile ndindu(smallfish) anafanya pale juu
  2. Alcohol intorelance ( kutapika)
  3. Gas ( mshuto kali)
  4. Diarrhoea ( loose stool)
  5. Nausea
  6. Kujikuna mkunduste
  7. Kushevea (guthebea)

mimi , @kush yule mnono and million others tuko nyuma ya grand master Uhuru Muigai

Sawa kiongozi, tusilambe lakini.

Ushalamba. Ubonobo tu

Weeeche, siqwesi.

I don’t like Gatheca as the current chief bonobo lakini his intelligence banae is on another level.

Siko nyuma yake lakini namfollow. Wewe endelea tu kukazania nyuma ya mandume.