Konyagi jubilii drama

Tuju, Murathe Evicted From Statehouse in a Stormy Meeting Last Night With Uhuru

There was drama on Friday night in State House when embattled Jubilee officials Raphael Tuju and David Murathe were reportedly evicted from State House in a stormy meeting with the President. The meeting follows the party’s dismal performance in the just concluded Kiambaa by-election where Jubilee’s candidate Kariri Njama was humiliated by the 5-month-old Ruto’s UDA. The duo – among other party officials and MPs – had gone to justify the humiliating defeat that the ruling party had managed to claw back 50 per cent support that had been hirtheto taken by the hustler party. However, a seemingly infuriated President is said to have ordered for the eviction of the two embattled officials, as he could hear none of the excuses. With Jubilee party said to have used in excess of Ksh 300 million in the Kiambaa by-election alone, it may be justifiable for the President to demand sound reasons as opposed to Tuju and Murathe’s flimsy excuses.

watu waelewe…
ukikula 300m ya mtu, sio ati unaenda bar kubangaiza sherehe
unalipwa hivo ndio ufanye kazi day and night

How many times is Murathe being evicted ?

Wapi rink


by now angekuwa idp


Ndio kuna pesa sikatai…but you want to tell me ati uhuru just coughed up 300m to support 2 by elections that would gain some 2 seats for kitu 11 more months?
How much does it cost to campaign for presidency…how long is a presidential term…compare presidency vs mp mca seat…now what percentage is 300m to whatever billions it costs to do a presidential run…hizi figures hazi make sense…uhuru si mjinga my friends as much as some people try to make him out…he didnt get to where he is by luck.
These figures you keep throwing around are outrageous especially sincr uhuru is fully aware that hustler movement is no gimmic.
Do a cost benefit analysis of the figures bana.
Not sure but last figures estimated for a stab at thr presidency ati you need minimun 3.5bill ama?

Juzi we were told the man was evicted after Juja debacle.

kwani ni kila siku? since the story sounds bogus, @Circledot tomba mawe.

Sorry this is all fake. A script to you all who are gullible. Even after losing Juja the same script was given to the bought media to report. Jayden is trying to distance himself from the loss despite him being central to all decisions and giving instructions to everything. This is his loss not muraithe, tuju, kimunya, kibichoo and all the minions around him. Let him stop hiding behind his minions. Its cowardly.

Ai…yaani jayden ana micro manage maneno ya mca…MCA???..eh…noma.

Wait for it.


We are supporting a non kikuyu national leader and no longer interested in tribal kings

Wait, non-kikuyu but not tribal? Alright

Unajaribu kusema Nini wewe?


[SIZE=6]Elders Lay Ground for William Ruto’s Crowning as Kalenjin Kingpin[/SIZE]

10 JUNE 2021
The Nation (Nairobi)
By Onyango K’onyango
Preparations are in top gear for the coronation of Deputy President William Ruto as the Rift Valley kingpin by the Kalenjin Myoot Council of Elders, setting the stage for a bruising fight with his political nemesis Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.
The Myoot Council, the umbrella body of elders’ councils for all the 10 sub-tribes of Kalenjin – Nandi, Kipsigis, Tugen, Marakwet, Keiyo, Pokot, Sabaot, Cherang’any, Ogiek and Terik and also makes major decisions on the community’s leadership, had sanctioned DP Ruto to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta early this year.

Plans began by the Talai Council of Elders – the descendants of Nandi legendary leader Koitalel Samoei known to offer blessings and guidance to individuals, including politicians either seeking or holding high positions in the society – to crown the second-in-command to lead the community in high political stakes.
In late January, months after the Talai crowned Dr Ruto, Mr Moi also underwent coronation by a splinter group led by the embattled council’s vice-chairman Christopher Koyogi outside Kapsisiywa, the ancestral home of the Talai.


Denno please tell us how this is Uhunye’s loss. The man is going home come August 2022 na maisha yake itabaki kuwa ile ile tu. All expenses fully paid by taxpayers money. Apart from kuitwa mtukufu rais what else will he miss? Only us wananichi are the ones to continue suffering, so hapa tusidanganyane buana.

10 sub-tribes of Kalenjin – Nandi, Kipsigis, Tugen, Marakwet, Keiyo, Pokot, Sabaot, [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Cherang’any, Ogiek and Terik

Yani kuna subtribe ya Kalenjin inaitwa Cherang’any ?

Nimeiskia leo !!