Konyagi ineptness

His lack of direction n incompetency is a problem to many people n entire country


In the words of one Uhuru…‘si Uhuru ataumia, ni nyinyi mtaumia’. No better time to apply these ‘pearls of wisdom’ like now.

CS Amina candidature for WTO was not wise because Nigeria had picked a very strong candidate who had worked as Finance and Foreign affairs minister. Her CV in public and private sector was better than CS Amina.

If President Uhuru doesn’t have confidence in CS Amina then he should just let her go. I have great respects for CS Amina. Cool, calm, collected, nonpartisan and a warm person. She suffered from fatigue visibly during her stint at Foreign Affairs due to the ICC cases. She was the articulate Kenyan voice at the Assembly of parties where Kenya made other nations to reform the prosecutor office to work independent from partisan activists and NGOs. Some thought she was too soft unlike her PS monica juma who was talking tough every turn of the way. However her calm articulation gave Assembly of parties a human face to the Kenyan cases that allowed us to gain favour. At the second term she hoped to be dropped so that she can rest. She was also not considered a loyalist so she wanted out before she is pushed out. She had asked the North Kenya leaders not to resubmit her name for cabinet consideration. They refused they said it would look bad by the President. She was kept but moved to education. At education, her predictions came true. She made decisions with ministry and stakeholders then had them reversed almost at every turn by State House. She was very close to resigning. Her husband prevailed. Soon government spooks learnt of various other CS taking job interviews as a preparation to resign or when the rumoured cabinet reshuffle took place. President Uhuru called them to a meeting and settled their worries.

Lastly CS Amina should just be let to be. No need to try forcing her to other positions she doesn’t want because President Uhuru doesn’t want to face a cabinet change or reshuffle.

Why exactly was she not considered so??

What a big blow. Pole sana!

atleast now we will stop wasting money on these useless positions that have zilch benefits for Kenya except stroking egos

All the above ngojeni teargas