Konoin ppl wametuchafua macho

[ATTACH=full]465171[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465172[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465173[/ATTACH]Inasemekana ni mchawi wa kukimbia usiku,

@Heke aka @kanguthu amepatikana leo

:D:Dwhat is happening here?

:D:D:D:D:D huyo ni faggoted son of a whore @Nipe Nikusifu the night runner who is confused about his gender

Hakuna mambo ya uchawi hapo.

Huyo ni disciple was @Thirimaii na Kinuthia

The homosexually agenda is spreading its tentacles to every corner of the republic like wildfire. Who will save us?

his Excellency JSKS

Honestly think it’s a waste of money imprisoning people like these…

If his only crime is dressing like a woman, si Eric Omondi pia ashikwe.

We should have special fines or punishments for taboo crimes. Jails are expensive

I hope so!

Worris this meehn? Hata elders hapo wako in confusion:D:D

What will they even charge him with? Bottom feeders like this are released after sweeping the police station compound and mopping the cells.

Plus I also don’t think anyone has enough anger to turn up as a witness in court.

:D:D:Ditina rere

Awachiliwe raia wapate kazi ya kutatua hili tatizo permanently.
Government should not waste time, space and resources on these contaminated individuals.

Huyo jamaa ni @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD

Hiyo panty ya pink ni ya @Heke

Sweeps galore

HIO NI mboga ya homosexual @Agwambo

homosexual @Aka mpole umelenga hii thread ya watu wenyu

We ngombe nisikushike