Kongamano la walimu wakuu pale Mombasa maji mwitu(wild waters)

I know Mombasa is flowing with cash literally. Those principals flock there every June and they paint that town red.
Kunguru saa hizi zimejaa huko.
I remember attending that retreat as one of the exhibitors in 2010. I used to work as a sales agent for a certain publisher.
My boss gave me 70k in cash for 5 day accommodation, meals, transport and the payment of a ministand.
When I landed there on a Sunday evening i looked around for a hotel, but could not find any.
Ilibidi niende mtwapa and that’s where I got a cheap room somewhere huko interior.
Long story short, the principals made merry like crazy. Especially on day 2 when I remember there was a serious world cup game between Ghana and Germany.
All the hotels had advertised and were targeting tribal out fits in the name of mugithi night, kilundaa nite, mulembe nite, ohangla base et ce te ra
I decided to attend luhya nite which was happening at club lambada.
Wewe, ilikuwa moto. Hell on earth.
The now high as kite principals were either targeting their female colleagues or several kungurus who were strategically posishened in various spots.

Well I was loaded, so I wasn’t to be left behind.
After 5 beers my head ‘cleared’ and there and then i became the Principal of Nyamachati high school in Nyeri.
I was pretty sure there was no way the real Principal would be found dancing away to the predominant luhya music in Lambada. If he was in Mombasa, then he must have been attending some mugithi nite probably on the other side of town.
I sat strategically amongst a group of Principals who were conversing in Swahili, English and throwing in a few luhya words.
I was not interested in that conversation but my attention was on one of of the female yellow yellow ‘principals’ who was seated next to a loud mouthed tall dark mundu mulosi. I knew my chances were slim but had to try…
To be continued.

Hii nitasoma after Ronaldo afunge bao ndio akuwe the Top goal scorer in Europe in history.

:rolleyes::oops::oops::oops::oops:Nyamachati in Nyeri… hio fangi ulikuwa umetumia siku hio ilikuwa kweli ya coast…ati Principal:D:D:D

Ala? Hata wewe ni kunguru? Ulikuwa na bikini?

Fagaa!!! Tulisema kupeana hekaya kama prescription is not allowed.

hehe… walimu wa highschool wnankuwa na ukunguru sana.

Yaaani staff member anachora hekaya nusu??? Conoka mûno



Word of the day?

kwani adnim aling’oa?

maliza hekaya wacha u:meffi:

This is your maiden hekaya after all your years in ktalk and you start with to be continued?

Inaonekana barabara zetu zinakaribiana. This strikes a familiar tone. I have been there. Walimu wengi. Mtwapa. Lambada. Lakini nilipata Mugithi hiyo time.

Kuna ile hekaya alipeana alishindwa kulipa rent halafu landlord akakuja na kubeba gas cooker yake plus ugali alikuwa anapika before iive. That hekaya was sad and funny.

Halafu ile hekaya alienda interview na akachukua sigara ya muhindi na kuanza kusmoje pia

Am trying to imagine this schenarrio

He he… Hope threshold ilifikishwa.

Hawa Principals hua na mbesha saidi wakienda hio conference

Once my lecturer attended such meetings, she was 26 years old, she told us in the lecture hall on her return that the majority of men thought she was one of the kungurus in town.

Hiyo hapo ndio word of the day

malizia kabla bukusu akuje aanze kuvuruga thread