kolepshen fights back meanwhile the judiciary continues toooooo....

NAIROBI, KENYA: County workers are now collecting evidence against Governor Mike Sonko to back claims of harassment, threats and intimidation, which they say have increased.

This comes against the backdrop of the arrest of Kenya County Government Workers Union (KCGWU) branch secretary Benson Olianga over bribery allegations.

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Speaking to the Metropolitan, KCGWU Chairman Roba Duba said the union was using instances where workers have either been locked out of their offices illegally, sent on compulsory leave or even been set up to back an abuse of office case against the governor.

“Threats to workers must stop and Sonko needs to understand that this job is not like the previous one he had. This behaviour of walking around with gadgets to record people and also using the anti-graft officers to arrest workers is not how you conduct a governor’s job,” said Duba.

The chairman went on to emphasise that if this ‘inhumane’ treatment would not stop, the workers would go on a mother of all strikes and cripple service delivery.

Strike threats

“If he continues this way we will be forced to energise our members and stage protests despite the fact that we do not want to do so given the political climate,” added Duba.

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The union has now moved to court and obtained orders blocking the alleged harassment of workers by the governor.

Duba explained that the particular targeting and harassment of Benson Olianga emanates from a contentious Collective Bargaining Agreement between the workers and the county government.

Meanwhile state loses on bid to arrest jiggy man thanks to chacha mwita and independent judiciary