KOKO Fuel- A good case study of an investor about to burn his money

KOKO fuel is a new outfit in town, trying to market a cleaner alternative fuel to compete with firewood, kerosene, and charcoal. They trully have done a splendid job in branding and marketing. But there is a big problem here; the alternative fuel is ethanol. The investors have no idea that even jet fuel, a more dangerous substance, is not safe in the hands of Kenyans. If we can take on jet fuel, I’m not sure how they will persuade us to keep off KOKO fuel.

      The second issue with KOKO is the price of the cooker, which retails at Kshs 6999. Obviously, anyone who can afford to pay this much for a cooker can afford to buy a 13kg LPG cylinder + gas at about 6400. And still leave the buyer with some change to pay the boda boda guy to haul the cargo to the estate.
     This looks like a case of an investor relying on 20 year-old data to make investment decisions. And maybe some shrewd Kenyan opportunist egging him on. On the upside, some Kenyan employees will make some income before the KOKO guys realize they are burning money. True to its name, this is a wild investment.

Attended the product launch and shared the same sentiments! At least they’ve scored on the marketing bit, let’s see the uptake

you count the marketing a score when there’s money in the bank.

Mnamaliza biz ya mtu kabla apenye kwani mmelipwa na competitors

the trick in such startups is to sell the cooker at very low cost so as to encourage more buyers.this increased number of buyers will inturn increase the sale of the koko fuel and that’s what sustains the company…Safaricom with all its pride,had to reduce the price of simcards ndio wawakamue kwa airtime

This ethanol will find its way into the hands of alcohol manufacturers who will start making brews with it. Hapa ni Kenya jameni.

tofauti ya Jetfuel na ile mafutaa taa watu hupika nayo kwa stove ni?


so OP is overreacting for no reason?

Jet fuel can’t even melt steel beams.

The whole point of making denatured ethanol aka methylated spirit is to make it unappealing/unsuitable/poisonous through added dyes, odours, and “poisons”.

It happened on September 11

Ulikuwa umeenda kutafuta customers?

The branding of Koko Networks is on another level but I am shocked at this insane pricing.
I always thought they were very affordable based on how they have branded themselves as a low cost alternative source of fuel.