Koi VIP Classic


Siwezi lipa more than 150

Sadness of life.

Kenyatalk losers. You can’t make this shiet up.

What is wrong with you?

Mali swafi kama @pamba

Saddness just like a gayyy dog @Douchebag made his momma to take the rope because of a pervert son and father.

Jamani si utuheshimu sisi hata kama wewe haujiheshiumu


How much

In whose hands are we safe? Tumbo kama ya ATWOLI

Hapana. No bana. This is unacceptable.

@Tauren mom is sweeeet

Not the same person but kui has sweet moaning

Kama unalipia choose kitu safi at the very least.


its palatable

Hard pass. If am paying for senyeste i might as well go for the best.

This one is disgusting. If she asks for more than 500 unatusi yeye.


[SIZE=1]ingawa siwezi mind kulipa 150 vbora kukuwe na giza na mtu asijue[/SIZE]

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